How to operate the use - UPS

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
Each button operation is as follows: 1, the boot/mute button ( 在/静音) Open the UPS: boot/mute button for more than 2 seconds, UPS power supply will be open. Close the buzzer: when UPS in battery mode, press the boot/mute button more than 5 seconds, you can open and close or enable a buzzer; Warned, however, in the UPS system or an error occurs, the mute function will fail. On a select key: in UPS set mode, the boot/mute button is used to select an option. Switch to the battery self-test mode: in the utility mode, ECO mode, or frequency conversion mode, press the switch on/mute button above 5 seconds can be carried out battery self test. 2, power off/input button ( /输入) Close UPS: shutdown/enter button for more than 2 seconds, you can shut down the UPS battery mode. If it is in the grid model, UPS will enter standby mode, or has been set and enable the bypass function, into the bypass mode. Confirm option button: in the pattern of UPS, power off/enter button is used to confirm the choice. 3, select the button ( 选择) Switch LCD information display: press select button, can switch LCD display information, used to switch the input voltage, input frequency, battery voltage, output voltage and output frequency. If release more than ten seconds, LCD to restore the default display content. Set pattern: the UPS is in standby mode or bypass mode, press the select button for 5 seconds, can enter the UPS set mode. Next select key: in UPS set mode, select the button to select the next option. 4, boot/mute + select button ( 在/静音+选择) Switch to bypass mode: in the case of input power supply is normal and boot, at the same time open/mute + select button for 5 seconds, UPS will enter the bypass mode; If the input voltage beyond the allowable range, the UPS will not enter the bypass mode.
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