How to operate and sine wave ups machine running mode -

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
Type a, long-term external battery operating procedure 1, please refer to the argument list, to ensure that the appropriate battery voltage. 2 battery anode, red cell line, black line connect battery cathode battery. Line of batteries and battery terminals to connect firmly. It is forbidden to the battery is negative sub or the reverse. 3, connect the battery line, in a tiny spark joint belongs to the normal phenomenon. 2, 1, automatic operation automatically after turn on the mains charging status UPS to battery power supply, UPS socket without output voltage at this time. When battery without charge, on behalf of, according to the percentage of the battery will increase when the battery is full, a display power of four. 2, the utility model ( 1) UPS on grid continues to press the power button for 3 seconds or more UPS after boot, UPS work in grid pattern. ( 2) At this time should be according to the corresponding mains input and output voltage of UPS. ( 3) Battery display and UPS in the state of charge. ( 4) Said when the load increases, the percentage of the load will be increased correspondingly, when the load exceeds hundred, load symbol will keep flashing, and buzzer, rapidly at this time should be remove unnecessary load one by one, until the alarm stops. ( 5) Continue to press shut down more than 3 seconds to shut down, close UPS output, but will still be on the battery, if you want to completely close UPS, need to disconnect from mains connection. 3, battery model ( 1) No mains input, press the power button for 3 seconds or more boot UPS, the UPS work in battery mode ( 2) Buzzer default without chirp, if press the power button, UPS intermittent call, press the power button once again, the singing stopped. ( 3) When battery reduce, shows the percentage of the battery will be reduced correspondingly. When the battery symbol kept flashing, and buzzer sing once per second, it prompts you to battery capacity is insufficient, should grasp UPS can load operation or be connected to the mains. ( 4) Continuous press shut down more than 3 seconds to UPS power off.
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