How to maintain the precision air conditioning system? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
How to maintain the precision air conditioning system? 1, 1) the control system of maintenance From the air conditioning system screen check all functions and parameters of the air conditioning system is normal. 2) If you have to check the condition of the alarm record, and the cause of alarm. 3) Check the working state of the temperature and humidity sensor is normal. 4) Check the operation parameters of the compressor and humidifier. 2, carry out inspection and maintenance of the compressor, 1) Use to listen to the voice of method, can correctly judge the workings of the compressor. 2) By hand, shows the degree of fever, can probably determine whether in excess of the prescribed under the condition of pressure, temperature compressor operation. 3) Mainly from endoscopic observation of refrigerant liquid level, look to whether the lack of refrigerant. 4) Mainly measure the current compressor runtime and suction, exhaust pressure, can more accurately determine the compressor running status. 3, carry out inspection and maintenance of the condenser, 1) Check if there's any loose for condenser of fixed signs, so as to avoid damages to the refrigerant pipeline and outdoor. 2) From the compressor working conditions and other performance parameters to determine whether cold media pipeline damage. 3) Check the fan running status. Main check the fan bearing, base, motor and other work, the fan run time whether there are abnormal vibration machine fan fan is whether rotates in the same plane.
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