How to maintain - the major precision air conditioning parts

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
1. The maintenance of the water cooled condenser ( 1) Timely eliminate condenser kept no non-condensable gas and oil. ( 2) According to the running situation of the cooling water system, regular cleaning cooling tower water pans in the pipe system and set up dirt separator, water filter. ( 3) Strengthen the cooling water water quality inspection, found that the water quality deterioration, will use some or all of the replacement of cooling water in the system. ( 4) Pay attention to the pipe condenser fouling, if serious scaling, should be timely descaling. To reduce fouling, adding suitable amount of scale inhibitors in the cooling water. Also can use the water treatment of cooling water. 2. Air-cooled condenser of maintenance for the air-cooled condenser of maintenance is mainly based on the heat transfer fin on soot formation, blow or cleaning on a regular basis, in order to keep the heat transfer surface clean. 3. Maintenance of the cooling air in evaporator ( 1) Blow on a regular basis or flush the evaporator heat transfer become warped on soot formation ( 2) Cold storage in evaporator, according to the exhaust pipe surface frost layer thickness of defrosting 4 in a timely manner. Other auxiliary equipment maintenance ( 1) Dry filter: should always pay attention to the instructions of refrigerant flow indicator water content, when it's instructions sheet for reddish, dry bath filter of desiccant, desiccant shall be immediately replaced. ( 2) Intercooler, gas-liquid separator, regular inspection of float valve and blow when the outage and pressure test, separator in heating device should also check the heating device.
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