How to Install a Low Voltage Doorbell

by:KEBO      2019-12-07
Install the doorbell at home so you don\'t miss the visitor.A low-The voltage doorbell needs a transformer to step 120-Volt household electricity down to 10-, 12-, or 24-According to the doorbell you installed, the voltage.Low installationThe voltage transformer needs to access the existing circuit, install a new electric box and return to the doorbell from the doorbell button.Some basic wire knowledge is helpful but not necessary.Find a location to install the doorbell next to the front door or in the hallway.Place chime directly on the wall above the socket for easier access to the power supply.About 34 cubic inches of plasticgang old-Your chime position the work box on the wall.Cut around the trace with a hand-held rotary tool equipped with drywall cutting accessories and cutting guide accessories to form an opening on the wall.Access the existing outlets on the corridor to power the low levelThe voltage transformer behind the door rang.Plug the light or radio into the socket.Turn off 20-The amplifier circuit breaker in the panel box until the light or radio is turned off.Remove the screws that hold the lid on the socket.Remove the two screws and secure the socket in the outlet box on the wall.Loosen the screws that secure the black, white and copper wires on the side of the socket.Remove the wire from under the screws on the socket and put the socket on one side.Feed a fish belt through the top of the outlet box and the opening you created on the wall.Wrap a non-metallic cable of 12/2 in length around the hook of the fish belt.Use electronic tape to fix the cable on the fish glue belt.Roll the fish tape down through the wall and pull the new length cable to power the transformer.Loosen the wire from the fish glue belt.Tear open the outer cable sheath from both ends of the new cable and expose the internal wire with the Cable Ripper.Remove at least 1/2 of wire insulation from each internal wire with a pair of wire cutting/stripping machines.Cut a 6-12-inch piece12-black solid lineWhite solid line and regulation 12Green solid line.Remove at least 1/2 of insulation around the 6-endA few inches of wireConnect the 6-Inch black line, place two black lines inside the outgoing box by screwing the wire connector to all three wires.Repeat the same connection to the two white wires inside the outlet box, and tie them to 6-Inch white wire, two bare copper wire must be 6-Inch Green Line.Bend three loose ends of 6-Insert the inch wire into the hook with the needle nose pliers.Hang the black wire around the copper terminal screw on the socket, hang the white wire around the silver terminal of the socket, and hang the green wire around the green terminal on the socket.Tighten the terminal screw using a cross screwdriver or a slotted screwdriver.Reinstall the socket in the socket box and replace the socket cover.Create a small hole on the exterior wall next to the door you want to install the button.Enter the attic above the doorbell button.Use 1/2-drill a hole into the roof of the outer wallinch drill bit.Feed the fish belt through the holes on the roof and through the opening of the button.Fix the 20/2 twisted bell line on the fish belt with electrical tape.Pull the wires in the attic with the fish.Loosen the 20/2 twisted bell line from the fish glue belt.Pull the wires through the attic to the wall above the opening you created.Drill holes on the top plate above the wall opening.Feed the fish belt through the walls and the holes you drill in the top plate.Fix the clock line on the fish belt and pull out the opening on the wall from the attic.Plug in the cable and Bell line through the opening of the plastic 34 cubic inch double backOld work box, man.Push the plastic box into the hole you created on the wall panel.Turn the two screws located on the surface of the box until they are tightened.This action will be plastic 34-Double cubic inchesJust, the old work box on the wall.Strip 1/2-Insulated inches from both ends of the 20/2 twisted bell line together with the stripping.Wrap the red line around a terminal on the back of the button and wrap the white line around the rest of the terminals on the button.Connect the button to the wall with the screws attached to the doorbell button.Connect the black wire from the 12/2 cable to the black wireVoltage doorbell transformer by screwing the wire connector to two wires.Connect the 12/2 white wire from the transformer to the white wire with another wire connector and connect the green wire from the transformer to the bare copper wire.Put the transformer into the plastic old work box and the terminal screws on the transformer are facing out.Wrap the white line In the 20/2 twisted bell line around the terminal screws on the transformer marked \"In.\"Tighten the screw and fix the wire on the transformer.Cut an 8-20/2 inch length of twisted bell line.Pull the white line off the red line.Belt 20-both endsWhite wireOne end of package 8-20-inch length-Measure the white line around the terminal screws marked \"Out.\"Tighten the screw and fix the wire to the doorbell transformer.Pass the red and white bell lines through the opening of the Bell base.Use the screws that come with the doorbell to attach the base to the plastic box on the wall.Wrap the red wire around the terminal screw on the doorbell marked \"front\" and wrap the white wire around the terminal screw marked \"transformer.\"Fasten the doorbell cover on the doorbell and turn 20-Amp circuit breaker inside the panel box.
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