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by:KEBO      2019-12-02
In general, any with three-Need to plug the pronged plug into three-Socket to be grounded.National Electrical Code--Local building codes-The frame of the generator and the exposed metal parts are required to be connected to the ground.So please consult your construction department to see what rules apply to the generator.You can ground a portable generator by installing a grounding bar.
Identify the ground lugs on the generator frame.The lugs are usually screws or rods marked with \"GRND\" or similar labels.Turn it counter-clockwise with a screwdriver.
By wrapping the exposed copper wire around the fastener and tightening the screw onto the patch, attach the stranded copper wire to the patch.If the copper wire does not peel off, peel off enough plastic with a peel, so that there is enough bare metal for wire connection.
Use mallet to drive the ground Bar to the ground as much as possible.Keep tips and fasteners exposed.If the grounding bar (sometimes called an electrode) is corroded, clean the oxidation with sandpaper, thread wool, or wire brush.
Peel the plastic sheath off the wire at the end and fix the wire on the rod by screwing down the fastener and sliding in the bare stock for bare metal connection.Tighten the screws.
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