How to deal with precision indoor air conditioning fan failure? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
Troubleshooting and analysis: 1. Check screen found screen is dirty, take off after filter, air conditioning is still unable to start; 2. Check the fan belt belt appeared some cracks ( But you can use) Air conditioning is still unable to start; 3. Check to power a fan power supply ac contactor is normal, overload protection and normal fan; 4. Preliminary judgment of the fan motor fault fault determine: fan is mainly composed of wind page and motor. After power under the air conditioning, open fan damper, found the humidifying water tank with water, the motor surface and trace of water flow around it. Three-phase motor coil resistance is measured with A multimeter and found A, B two line resistance in 1 m & Omega; Left and right sides, as the open circuit state, sure is motor fault. Fault conclusion: because of humidifying water tank, poor drainage, fan will sink in running water blown into the bottom of the fan and the motor outside, after a long period of corrosion and leakage into the motor internal, causing internal coil short circuit and burn out, fan to stop running, prompted a fan overload alarm, air conditioning air conditioning to stop working, the room temperature. Troubleshooting: replace the ac filter, clean up dirt of humidifying water tank to ensure humidifying catchment is smooth, and clean fan around the stain, replace the motor. The reboot, air conditioning work. Suggestion: room infrastructure is the important guarantee of normal operation of the IT equipment, need professional operations staff on a regular basis a comprehensive and system infrastructure of computer room, careful inspection to eliminate the problems, reducing the occurrence of the fault, at the same time, can avoid to cause large economic loss.
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