How to choose - computer room precision air conditioning

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
You have to calculate power cabinet, according to the area of room of calorific value of equipment, equipment room, computer room conditions, Outdoor parts including the height, sealing, decoration, installation location, etc. ) , local climate conditions, such as total estimate the room air conditioning refrigerating capacity, total air volume, humidification quantity obtained equipment parameters, such as capacity, can consider certain equipment backup if necessary. Air conditioning cooling way is air-cooled, water-cooled, double cold source and so on, if can provide cooling water within the building, water-cooling method is a good choice. But a lot of building cooling water is not available, so can only do the air-filled type. Finally according to the overall structure of the whole building choose the right means of air conditioning cooling. Unit for computer room air conditioning is an important requirement, continuous operation, computer room air conditioning to continuously running. Non-stop running first need a non-stop air conditioning guarantee system, for air conditioning equipment power supply, the demand is higher, not only need to have a dual mains each other, at the same time for the computer equipment of air conditioning system important to equipped with backup power supply. Long-term steady also need refrigeration and heat source in winter, this phenomenon is particularly prominent in the south, the north if winter need refrigeration, want to consider the condensing pressure of air conditioning unit and related issues, there is a simple method is to increase the cold air outdoor, such doing can achieve energy saving. Computer room air conditioning non-stop running, for the power consumption is great, so the parties should be backup job. Air conditioning freezing processing operations from step 1. Stop heating. 2. Reduce the cooling water, refrigerant water ( Cold water) Continue to pump running. 3. When the refrigerant water ( Cold water) Outlet temperature reaches 8 ℃, restore normal operation. Room air conditioner is a kind of equipment room using high precision air conditioning, computer room air conditioning can not only control the room temperature, also can control the humidity at the same time. Room air conditioning is mainly applied to computer room, telecom equipment room, server rooms, laboratories, constant temperature and humidity workshop and other occasions with higher requirements to the environment.
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