How to check - computer room air conditioning refrigeration system

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
Parts must be monthly inspection of cooling system, in order to view the system function is normal, and presence of signs of wear and tear. Because of device failure or damage before, often accompanied by corresponding failure so regular inspection is to prevent most of the major means of system failure. Refrigerant line must have the appropriate support, and not rely on the ceiling, floor or fixed frame vibration. Once every six months to check the leakage part line, confirm whether they are wear or whether existing fixed structure is loose. Carefully check whether all refrigeration pipeline accessories have oil stains, in order to ensure no leakage phenomenon. When there is war disabled refrigeration system, according to some parameters to judge the malfunction of the system operation. 1) Inspiratory pressure when inspiratory pressure drop to below the low voltage switch setting, may lead to the compressor shut down. High suction pressure, on the other hand, also can reduce the refrigerant of the compressor motor cooling, could cause compressor damage. 2) Exhaust pressure exhaust pressure may be due to the load condition or condenser efficiency higher or lower. When the exhaust pressure reaches the pressure switch Settings, the high voltage switch action can make the compressor shut down. Regular cleaning outdoor condenser fin. When there is obstruction of the air flow of condenser, should use compressed air or fin cleaning agent ( Weakly alkaline) For cleaning. Using compressed air to clean wing, purge direction shall be the reverse flow direction. Check whether there is fin piece or damage to the phenomenon, if there is damage to the maintenance should be carried out in a timely manner. Winter should avoid snow accumulation around to the condenser. 3) Exhaust temperature of electronic expansion valve EEV exhaust temperature can be adjusted. Determine the system of exhaust temperature according to the following method: through thermal probe measurement actual exhaust temperature of the compressor, and the target is analyzed by exhaust temperature, through the increase/decrease the electronic expansion valve EEV steps to adjust the discharge temperature of compressor actual.
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