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by:KEBO      2020-05-15
Room cooling effect, and the choice of cabinet and cabinet put closely related. The cabinet is easy to be ignored. High density server deployment is the necessity of developing data center construction, heat dissipation problems arising from the, should draw high attention. Small a cabinet, contains a huge profit. A new generation of data center is a hot topic today, whether resources integration, virtualization; Or green energy saving, automation and safety management, are the industry relish topic. Existing data center rack or cabinet, the power configuration of 10 a ( Amp) , full deployment of 15 ~ 16 sets 1 u rack type server. For some poor data center, its power with only 6. 8 a, for the blade server. A full match of the blade, the required power is about 10 a. According to the data center of the existing capacity calculation, 10 a power with obviously unable to meet the needs of more blade server deployment, electricity shortage contradiction is very prominent. How to solve the problem of insufficient power supply, the easiest way to think of from expansion. In fact, in a data center or at the beginning of the building construction, for power capacity there is a certain measure. Today, increasing power capacity, which requires power sector expansion, and involves the corresponding circuit, switch equipment modification, it involves many factors, limited by many factors. Make reasonable adjustments for existing electricity supply, another solution is to deal with shortage of power. According to HP global IT technology services department general manager Pan Jiachi, by adopting a set of call & other; High availability management (adaptive data 自适应数据可用性管理、亚当) ” Solution tool, they to monitor some existing corporate data center, IT was found that about 10% of the electricity used for lighting and other energy consumption, and for IT equipment power consumption is only about 30%, the rest of the large amounts of electricity consumption in refrigeration, that is, the cost of operation management is considerably more than the actual cost of the equipment. By reasonable layout, as well as the design of thermal model of science, will be able to greatly reduce the consumption of electric power for operation and maintenance equipment, effectively relieve the contradictions of shortage of power. From the cabinet air conditioning refrigeration costs is high, is associated with the design of the rack/cabinet and the cooling model. It is understood that a lot of room air conditioning temperature is very low, in summer, people in the room all need to wear thick clothes. Its reason, the computer room is on the demand of the highest heat dissipation equipment set air conditioning temperature, the extensive management, inevitably lead to lower efficiency. Room cooling effect, and the choice of cabinet and cabinet put closely related. The cabinet is easy to be ignored. In an interview, one administrator said the electrical housing, enterprise IT budget is limited, IT is hard to persuade corporate leadership, pay more than 10, the purchase, in the eyes of some leading, computer cabinet and family life of the furniture is not much difference, could be province province. In pursuit of beautiful style, many cabinet with glass door, leading to poor cooling effects of machinery and equipment, the frequent failure.
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