How fan vibration fault diagnosis of machine room air conditioning? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
Data centers often appear some facilities will be failure, affect the normal operation of the data center. Hiring a equipment professional technicians, is the key to ensure the high-efficiency and use of the data center infrastructure. It also directly affect the security of the data center operation and high efficiency. Here are some possible reasons and maintenance instructions. ( 1) Impeller, bearing, coupling, or V belt transmission without calibration. Repair note: relax, make these components in a row, or tension device. ( 2) High fan speed or direction of rotation error. Fix: reduce the speed of the fan or correct the direction of the fan. ( 3) Check from outside the fan to the vibration of the fan. Repair note: isolation vibration or repair. ( 4) Unstable or floor is likely to mean that the basis of a poor design. Repair note: you may need to start anew, to provide the installation of a sturdy, level surface. ( 5) Broken or loose bolts or screws. Repair note: tighten or replace. ( 6) Shaft bending or connecting shaft wear and tear. The biggest question is why this can happen. Repair note: replacement. ( 7) Check the unbalanced fan outside material. Many repair man can find something to stick to the fan frame. Note: repair to remove these things, and check for damage. ( 8) Very difficult to diagnose bearing wear, but the noise or rotating difficulties is a clear sign of the problem. Repair: replace bearing and shaft rod. ( 9) The impeller or motor damage. Note: repair carried out by qualified professionals to check and repair. ( 10) Impeller or driving wheel unbalance. Repair note: balance. ( 11) Fan throughput than ratings. Fix: reduce the fan speed.
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