How do I select the - room UPS power supply

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
Enterprise data center is now more and more important, how to ensure the stable operation of the enterprise data center has become a critical elements, UPS is at present a lot of enterprises in the data center of standard parts, so how to choose a suitable for enterprise application of UPS power supply? The classification of the UPS under normal circumstances, the UPS system is divided into three categories, for backup type ( Or offline) , online interactive and double transformation type ( Online) 。 Different vendors will provide different configuration of UPS, customers according to their own goal, application, and functional requirements, as well as the desire of their product differentiation, select the desired UPS. How to choose and buy UPS uninterruptible power supply 1, first of all, make sure your data center equipment are needed more power, in general ordinary PC or industrial of power around 200 w, the MAC is controlled in 300 w, server between 300 w and 600 w, and other equipment power value can refer to the instruction manual of the device. Just buy as required. 2, secondly should know the rated power of UPS said there are two kinds of methods: apparent power ( Unit VA) And the actual output power ( Unit W) , because the existence of the reactive power caused the differences, the two conversion relations as follows: the apparent power * power factor = actual output power. So at the time of purchase to calculate good 3, UPS is usually divided into two kinds of power frequency and high frequency machine. Machine by thyristor SCR rectifier, power frequency IGBT inverter, bypass and booster power frequency isolation transformer. Because of its working frequency of transformer and rectifier are power frequency 50 hz, as its name implies is called UPS power frequency. In view of these options, you should be how to choose your UPS configuration? Theirs fight when selecting a UPS you need your own business requirements, at the same time to know more about their own fiscal budget, set UPS system of capital and operating costs. You know more about the availability of UPS, then you choose the UPS system should not be those who can tolerate only a few hours of downtime. Your UPS configuration choice should be consistent with your availability requirements, and should stop potential losses according to the data center, set up your budget. The cooling infrastructure. According to the choice of UPS system, increase the cooling load to your facilities. For large data centers, and even UPS one or two percent lower efficiency may be converted into a lot of heat, excess heat must be removed, in order to protect the equipment. Your existing infrastructure to deal with the load, the UPS is necessary to upgrade or you? Space. UPS system takes up valuable data center floor space, so make sure you select the configuration will not ask to add more space in your facility. Now the room is one inch gold, an inch of land so the size of the UPS is particularly important. Redundancy. You have a temporary backup power supply system ( UPS) , so why don't you back up your backup? If the availability is the key to the design consideration, so redundancy is necessary. Increase the backup type UPS, can avoid the single point of failure, so as to improve the reliability of power system. Usually one backup configuration of N + 1 ( For example, if you need 6 sets of UPS run your data center, so the design of N + 1 involving seven device) , others, including 2 n ( The number of devices required for a times) , 2 n + 1, etc. More redundancy can improve the reliability and availability, but also need more equipment costs ( Higher capital expenditure) , more floor space ( Depending on the configuration) And lower efficiency. Design complexity. Simple design is often less prone to human error and independent of the fault, but they may also lack some you prefer to see in UPS system function. On-line interactive UPS system of switch, for example, is a potential point of failure, in double conversion design, is the point of failure. In addition, the design of complex compared with the simple design, may require more maintenance ( Or, in a nutshell, is the maintenance cost is higher) 。 Modular. If you expect your IT demand increases, then the modular approach should be considered. “ Advance purchase & throughout; , to buy more than you now need to equipment, capital spending, will cost you more storage space and potential operating cost. Modular approach allows you to when needed, add infrastructure, avoid demand growth, old facilities become waste.
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