How can remotely monitor the battery? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-28
1, the whole monitoring the battery monitoring role for the whole design in rectifying power supply (usually As some high-grade UPS battery management mobile phone software) , measuring the battery voltage, current and temperature, the battery and charge and discharge management, especially in the work is based on temperature change to adjust the float charging voltage of the battery pack ( Temperature compensation) Do more good, when the battery charge and discharge electricity down to a low limit alarm. Can't find a single cell battery monitoring for the whole group of slow shift, containing the embrittlement of the single cells and the accumulation effect due to single cell integrity problem, for 1 set of 48 v battery pack, if only one battery in bad, its voltage shift data signals will be another 23 batteries & other; Submerged & throughout; 。 The voltage of the battery and battery pack mother phase voltage and battery ( Charge and discharge the ability to work) Irrelevant. Can't monitoring for the whole group batteries and battery pack specific volume, can't filter has embrittlement of battery in it. 2, single cell voltage monitoring battery monitoring specification specified in the monitoring to each single cell 1. Most of present telecommunication network units goods all is according to the design standards and production. After setting norms, telecommunication network operations management unit can expect monitoring equipment has the key effect, and the specific situation is in floating condition, monitoring equipment only found a handful of features is very poor, float charging voltage extraordinary battery. : based on the practical experience, the single battery voltage monitoring and early warning information is weak, but can get battery without charge and discharge and the floating voltage shift condition. 3, internal resistance on-line monitoring internal resistance is one of the most parameters can run reaction battery health, battery internal resistance on-line monitoring system for battery internal resistance testing product series, battery monitoring technology is the qualitative change, namely from passive to active monitoring battery voltage precision test battery internal resistance.
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