How about the reliability of the computer room precision air conditioning -

by:KEBO      2020-05-11
Fine air conditioning than comfortable air conditioning, a larger advantage is that it has two sets of independent refrigeration system, the original demand to bigger refrigeration power equipment in two, become a second set of smaller devices, commonly used fine air conditioner compressor each motor power as long as 5. 5 - 7. 5 kw, power failure to ensure that the air conditioning work does not stop, as to ensure the power supply must be oil machine, small compressor motor power, the power failure oil machine is smooth start compressor, aiming at the characteristics of air conditioning can't suspend, reduce the possibility of the air conditioning down, because even if a system fault, the other a system still can continue to work, the other part fine electrical control part of the air conditioning and air circulation as two independent unit, in the daily protection and maintenance, also don't need to stop air conditioner, then make sure that the air flow of the stability of the air conditioning room temperature gradient and relatively stable. In the fresh air in the process of selection of air conditioning equipment, engine heat load and ventilation rate is the most important parameters of the basis, because these two parameters determine the room temperature and humidity can be constant and room cleanliness can be satisfied. So when we are in the rooms dedicated air-conditioning equipment selection selected these two data first, and then selected fresh air equipment model for other secondary data validation. According to the engine heat load and the calculation of the ventilation rate, the special room air conditioning equipment model can be selected. More and more people have turned to & other; Intelligent & throughout; System, help them to save money, save energy, make life easier. Smart technology allows people more easily through the use of technology to manage its precision air conditioning system. People need to understand this is to enter the field and integrate into their service. Room has the function of temperature and humidity of special air conditioning protect computer equipment damage because of the humidity. And comfort air conditioning is not the function. Comfort air conditioning temperature range between 1 ℃, and room air conditioning temperature range of 0. 1 ℃ or higher. Hepa filter in the computer room air conditioning, to ensure the room dust-free environment. And comfort air conditioning, only with the efficient filter. Although the initial investment is higher than the comfort air conditioning room air conditioning, but its 7 * 24 at the age of restless operation, higher reliability than comfort air conditioning is good.
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