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by:KEBO      2020-03-31
< p > today, ups power supply manufacturer KEBO power of small make up to you to introduce the development trend of ups power supply! < / p > < p > according to ups power distributor, the dc power supply is actually to solve the current ups ups power supply industry of a lot of academic debate, such as high frequency and power frequency machine who good who bad problems, such as tower machine and the relative merits of module mechanism problem. Dc UPS power supply no problem of frequency, and there is no problem of high frequency and power frequency. Dc UPS power supply must be modular, but now synchronization of modular UPS power supply, circulation problems such as basic don't exist on dc UPS power supply, dc machine infinite weaver no technology bottleneck, at least in theory is feasible. < / p > < p > dc UPS power application is also made great progress, in the developed countries, in which large dc power supply has been a success. After scientists and engineering technical personnel in our country continuously explore and pilot work has made a great success. < / p > < p > dc UPS power supply foreground is broad, the main problems in the current promotion are: < / p > < p > (1) perceptions. Since most think dc supply needs a dedicated dc IT equipment, practice has proved that as long as choosing the appropriate dc voltage, the vast majority of existing equipment of IT without any modification can stable operation under dc environment. < / p > < p > (2) the standards and specifications. Lack of relevant standards and norms, dc power supply can only stay in the experiment and pilot phase, to standardize the design and construction of transformation, application work hard to face after promotion. < / p > < p > (3) the quality of the products and brands. Have the advantage of technology, does not represent has the advantage of products. But if the horse rushing to dc UPS power products, quality assurance, it's easy to put the products with technical problems, so as to weaken the technical advantages of dc power supply, dc supply promotion hindered. < / p > < p > the development of technology is a spiral. Dc power supply technology at present relatively exchange has a lot of advantages, but it is not set in stone. As modular UPS power supply, a few years ago because of can keep high loading rate, the electricity efficiency of tower has a lot to the technical advantages of UPS power supply. But with the development of the dormant UPS power supply, UPS power tower can also maintain the high load rate, has the advantages of modular UPS power efficiency is not obvious. Dc power supply technology should take advantage of national energy saving and low carbon the development of the large time, customer service, to accelerate development. < / p > < p > the above is the small make up today ups power supply manufacturer KEBO power and share all the content and want to get more information about can collect our website, we will not be updated regularly! < / p > < p > < / p >
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