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by:KEBO      2020-04-18
KEBO H1000M whole body is small, only a quarter of the volume to the PC host, does not occupy space; Airframe adopt the strong case and high temperature resistant, flame retardant materials meet the fire will not burn even; Its fuselage cover is equipped with ventilation holes from top to bottom, to be able to disperse UPS when the heat generated by the work on time, and machine power is not very big, because ventilation has enough heat dissipation, so there is no configuration fan, so run time will very quiet than those on the market usually noisy, UPS for this PC home use is a very good choice. The UPS power use rise very convenient also. Can understand it's a strip with a battery, UPS mains input plug is plugged into the plug, UPS at the back of the fuselage outlet is just like row on the interface, we use at ordinary times as long as connected to the mains and light UPS itself and then received a UPS electrical equipment at the back of the fuselage on the power outlet. H1000M power is 600 w, can drive two common office computer, the computer can only take a discrete graphics, a built-in 9 ah battery, a more than 100 watts of common office computer power cuts can last for 30 minutes later, if is a discrete graphics computer time almost in half, so battery life or according to the actual power to see, H1000M can receive input voltage range is 165 v - 276 v, within the scope of this H1000M is can work normally, if more than it will be transferred into battery model work, within the scope of this if for low pressure or continuous pressure, H1000M will hit when the time comes will F06 alarm, H1000M output voltage is 190 v - Is 250 v, 220 v plus or minus 10% deviation calculated, in the range of our computers and computer peripheral network equipment can normal use. Also don't have to worry about the voltage is too high will damage the equipment, because H100M after a power outage time is 2 to switch to the battery model 6 ms, in a very short moment of computer and network of computer peripheral equipment basically not break.
come in many forms, like stabiliser for ac and three phase voltage regulator, and they all provide efficient solution for our stabiliser for ac needs.
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