Highway ETC system integration of outdoor cabinet - smart solutions

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
An outdoor intelligent thermostat, ETC door frame system integrated ark ETC door frame system, need hoisting in the open highway, ETC the ark of the integration of door frame system is installed in the door frame, integrated ark need to adapt to the complex climate environment: exposure, dustproof, waterproof, moisture proof, mildew proof and salt fog, rust prevention and resistance to wind and earthquake. Integrated ark also called ETC ETC door frame system integration of outdoor cabinet ( Hereinafter referred to as: the ETC integrated ark) , its main lanes of door frame control machine, industrial switches, charge system PC equipment provide shelter and integrated for door frame equipment to provide reliable for standby power, the reliable operation of the security side outline key production equipment. In order to provide reliable support for highway toll system, outdoor cabinet will configure UPS power supply and battery equipment, air-conditioning equipment, power distribution equipment, network transmission equipment, environmental monitoring equipment. Business equipment ETC are: charge system PC, lane controller, antenna controller, RSU ( 路边单元) Equipment, etc. ETC smart cabinet door frame integration core functions include outdoor cabinet, power distribution unit, industrial air conditioning, UPS, battery back-up, lightning protection, fire control, intelligent entrance guard, ring and monitoring functions, with anti-theft, dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, long storage capacity of the battery, real-time monitoring, intelligent early warning, ETC. But different province highway ETC door frame system and has its own specific requirements, design the single compartment model, double tank, three tank to meet. Second, the advantage & other; Throughout the ETC system integration of intelligent door frame cabinet &; Provide supporting the integration of monitoring and control system. At the solution level with advanced and reliable system of ring products, achieve the following four: ( 1) To provide stable and reliable power environmental monitoring system. ( 2) Provide effective information for operational management. ( 3) Is scalable to dock with the third party platform. ( 4) Save operational management costs, achieve the goal of short-term investment long-term benefit. 3. Highway intelligent integrated cabinet design ideas and principles, 1) Hui technology innovative structure design of highway integration wisdom cabinet adopted & other; Truss modular & throughout; The innovative structural design, customers can install the scene quickly, each function module installation step by step, reserved line groove, hole and inserted terminals; Convenient installation, cable line is convenient and beautiful. ( 2) Function modular design hui technology integration of highway wisdom rack set switching power supply and backup power supply ( N + 1) Energy storage, data acquisition, digital alarm, camera modules, intelligent temperature control, and other function module into an organic whole, realize the product's high reliability, high integration, easy to maintenance. ( 3) Remote network management function hui technology integration of highway wisdom cabinets matching background equipment operational management system, to meet the needs of the party a, for remote monitoring of expressway integrated intelligent machine cabinets equipment state ( Equipment working status, inverter and rectifier power running status, environment, door opening and closing state, etc. ) , handling abnormal or equipment failure ( Automatic inspection, active alarms, 1000 logging and GPS positioning, automatic equipment online, etc. ) , real-time remote management ( Information query, parameter configuration, automatic synchronization, remote control switch, etc. ) 。
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