High voltage dc - with modular UPS

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
High-voltage dc and modularized UPS reliability, availability, energy saving effect than traditional UPS power supply system has significantly improved, not only from the power conversion equipment standardization, standardization of rack, battery configuration and structure of standardized assessment of high voltage direct current and modular UPS make host specifications by dozens of reduced to several traditional UPS, battery voltage specifications from the traditional UPS several, a dozen reduced to simplify and improve usability. High voltage direct current and the reliability of the module UPS contrast the reliability of high voltage dc power supply system load power supply, in fact is equal to the backup battery power supply reliability, and the reliability of the backup battery, largely depends on the quality of the battery pack is good or bad and detection means, so human factors on the whole has a great influence on the reliability of power supply system. If natural disasters or man-made fault, causing damage to the power supply system, due to the limited capacity battery back-up cannot continue to supply power to the load, load will break off, the UPS can choose oil through the bypass machine or another all the way to load the emergency electric power supply. Modular UPS because the parallel redundancy design, each module has the complete function of UPS, even if any module unpredictable and sudden failure, also won't affect the load power supply. Contrast for high voltage dc input harmonic current and power factor of power module technology extending from the electric operating power supply, module power range is relatively small, from the current mainstream production of high-voltage direct current domestic manufacturers of technical level, the output power in 5 kw ( 240 v / 20) Within the single-phase rectifier module, adopt active PFC correction technology, basic can achieve THDI is less than 5%, PF is greater than zero. 99, and the output power in more than 5 kw three-phase rectifier module, USES six pulse mostly passive PFC correction, its THDI basic between 25% and 35%, PF in 0. Around 9. High starting point and high frequency UPS for product design, invest and develop over time, both the stability of the power range, or technology, were superior to the technical level of the high-voltage dc module, look from the technical level of the module machine manufacturers, regardless of the UPS modules power size, have adopted IGBT rectifier technology, THDI is less than 5%, PF is greater than zero. 99 has become a widespread application. The efficiency comparison of the high frequency UPS power efficiency basic in 93% About 96%, and high voltage dc power module basic working efficiency in 92% 95%, although this is because it reduces the DC/AC inverter this link, but there is also the PFC rectifier and DC/DC conversion two link, and DC/DC conversion because of the existence of the high-frequency transformer, its efficiency rather than high frequency UPS, DC/AC transform ( No transformer) Reduced by 1% ~ 3%.
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