High speed ETC door cabinets - an integrated intelligence

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
On June 14, 2019, the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China highway research institute in Beijing national convention center & other; Scientific and technological achievements conference & throughout; , KEBO company issued the ETC system integration of intelligent door frame cabinet products, eliminate highway toll station, the ETC system integration of intelligent door frame cabinet research and development needs, derived from the prime minister li keqiang, the two sessions in 2019 put forward by the government work report, to deepen the reform of the toll road system and basic cancellation within two years the national highway, provincial boundary toll station, not achieve quick parking fees, reduce congestion, facilitate the masses. Transportation industry is pushing the major task. Eliminate highway toll station outdoor network communications cabinet on May 16, the deepening the reform of toll road system eliminate highway boundary toll implementation plan ', in late may, and issued by the ministry of transportation on the vigorously promote the development of the highway ETC application notice, transportation industry is pushing the major task; Is an orderly upgrading, priority the provincial boundary toll highway, deployment ETC intelligent door frame system; Second to solve highway entrances toll station, not achieve quick parking fees, reduce congestion. Our high-speed smart wisdom ETC door frame integration scheme mainly hair for a few most: one, the integration of highway wisdom cabinet design thinking and principle 1, integration of innovative structural design KEBO highway cabinet adopted & other wisdom; Truss modular & throughout; The innovative structural design, customers can install the scene quickly, each function module installation step by step, reserved line groove, hole and inserted terminals; Convenient installation, cable line is convenient and beautiful. 2, function modular design KEBO highway integration wisdom rack set switching power supply and backup power supply ( N+1) Energy storage, data acquisition, digital alarm, camera modules, intelligent temperature control, and other function module into an organic whole, realize the product's high reliability, high integration, easy to maintenance. 3, remote network management functions KEBO highway integration wisdom cabinets matching background equipment operational management system, to meet the needs of the party a, for remote monitoring of expressway integrated intelligent machine cabinets equipment state ( Equipment working status, inverter and rectifier power running status, environment, door opening and closing state, etc. ) , handling abnormal or equipment failure ( Automatic inspection, active alarms, 1000 logging and GPS positioning, automatic equipment online, etc. ) , real-time remote management ( Information query, parameter configuration, automatic synchronization, remote control switch, etc. ) 。
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