High frequency UPS power supply can replace power frequency UPS power supply? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
1. Digital technology is machine power frequency UPS start simulation technology, general now for the development of digital and analog combining technology. The reliability of the simulation technology is cheaper than digital technology. And UPS high-frequency machine technology is a kind of fully digital technology, higher reliability. 2. Low consumption under the same indicators, if you want the input power factor is 0. More than 95, machine UPS power frequency and harmonic filter or change to 12 pulse rectifier, because need to add a in front of the equipment, coupled with the output transformer, so down than high-frequency machine UPS link, make the machine power frequency UPS UPS than high-frequency machine. 3. Adaptable to grid machine UPS power frequency to adapt to the input voltage & plusmn; 15% of the change is not easy; The high frequency machine UPS and even to adapt to the input voltage & plusmn; More than 30% of the change, which in turn greatly extended the UPS battery life. Performance advantage 1, high input power factor, low input current distortion degree, the input power factor is as high as 99%, input harmonic content is less than 3%; 2, the efficiency increased by 3%, to 95%; 3, light weight, small size, power density is about 40% higher than that of machine power frequency; Covers an area of about 25% lower than machine power frequency and lighter than machine power frequency decreased by 50% ~ 80%; 4, improvement of performance indicators, wider range of input voltage, three-phase unbalanced load adaptability is strong, the output dynamic performance is good.
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