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by:KEBO      2020-04-21
1, in reliability, confidential power frequency is better than that of high frequency machine. The machine adopts thyristor power frequency ( 可控硅) Rectifier, which after more than half a century of development and innovation, has been very mature, its current shock resistance ability is very strong. Because SCR are half controlled device, there will be no direct and misfire fault. By comparison, although high-frequency machine adopts IGBT high frequency rectifier switch frequency is higher, but the IGBT work area have strict work voltage, current, low impact resistance. So in the overall reliability, IGBT rectifier is lower than SCR rectifier. 2, in terms of environmental adaptability, high frequency machine is superior to the power frequency machine. High-frequency machine is based on microprocessor as the control center processing, complex hardware simulation circuit burn in microprocessor, in the form of a software program to control the operation of UPS. Therefore, in terms of size, weight were significantly lower, less noise, little influence on space and environment. Therefore more suitable for office space for reliability is not too demanding. Because of this, many manufacturers of medium and small power UPS generally introduced high-frequency machine. 3, the structure of the circuit comparing machine power frequency and high frequency machine mainly for rectifying section, the concept of power frequency machine is controlled rectifier, 12 phase commutation of the traditional technology can do best; And high frequency machine rectifier diode is not controlled rectifier ten IGBT high frequency dc link of booster. The IGBT SPWM inverter is of high frequency inverter works. In addition, the output of the machine power frequency transformer is necessary, due to its rectifier for buck inverter, such as link link, therefore in the output side must have a step-up transformer as a voltage adjustment. And the high frequency machine because of the DC/DC booster, the output side unnecessarily add booster link ( Step-up transformer) , for the scene will be required to have isolation transformer, high frequency machine also can equipped with isolation transformer option in accordance with the requirements, its action also transformed the original configuration necessary for optional configuration. Update changes have taken place in the electrical structure of UPS so, mainly due to the development of the components, IGBT as the main power device of UPS technology more mature, no matter from the capacity and structure, and reliability is greatly raised, combined with the digitized UPS further contributed to the main structure of a new generation of large and medium-sized UPS from power frequency to high frequency machine.
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