High-frequency modularized UPS with high-frequency tower in common - UPS

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
Green environmental protection, reduce the harmonic pollution: thanks to the DSP control of power factor correction technology, high frequency UPS abandoned machine era of SCR power frequency ( Silicon controlled rectifier) Rectification technology, further reduce the input harmonic current, power grid pollution is reduced, and the input power factor is close to 1 ( Most can be 0. 99, almost equivalent to the pure resistance load) The cancellation of the high efficiency and energy saving, lower electricity costs: transformer, low conduction loss of power devices, soft switch technology, the application of the new topology, further enhance the efficiency of high frequency UPS. Small size light weight, transportation convenient installation: because of cancelled output isolation transformer, high frequency UPS shrink further, also lighter in weight. Both in transportation and installation, it is more convenient than UPS power frequency. High power density, the save area: the application of high power devices, DSP digital control system, the topology of the more advanced, loss reduction, widely used in the key technologies such as thermal simulation, made under the same volume, high frequency UPS can obtain larger output power. And the capacity of single stand a boost, limited room area, also makes more and more prefer the high frequency UPS data center. No matter from the development trend of purchasing cost, or the actual after-sales maintenance point of view, in addition to the individual scenes, high frequency UPS all the indicators are superior to the traditional power frequency UPS. High-frequency machine to replace the development trend of power frequency machine has won wide recognition in the industry, at present all the manufacturers to reduce or stop the study of power frequency machine. In recent years, the statistics show that most of the overseas new data center has the high frequency UPS as purchasing preferred.
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