High frequency machines, and the advantages and disadvantages of modular UPS power -

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
1, high frequency machine UPS power supply high frequency UPS also called modular high frequency UPS, the UPS power supply mainly adopts the draw-out type intelligent modular design, can increase or decrease in enclosure UPS module to meet the requirement of input power output and reliability, and has great flexibility, achieve the best cost performance. Has easy insertion function, not only can increase or decrease in cabinet inside the module to meet the requirement of power output and reliability, and as long as the redundancy allows can also be maintained online, zero maintenance time. Using full control technology, focused the fruits of advanced power electronics and automatic control technology, is a milestone in the UPS industry technology revolution. High frequency UPS power supply has small volume, light weight; Strong ability to adapt to the mains voltage fluctuation; You can use the mains input power factor reaches 0. More than 99, make the mains input current harmonic content is less than 5%, pollution is small, the mains grid can eliminate audible noise, Including electrical and mechanical noise) Etc advantages. High frequency UPS must adopt can work in 20 khzups high frequency IGBT, the IGBT less expensive, supply of goods, has strict work area of voltage, current, impact resistant ability is poor, low reliability, high failure rate. 2, modular UPS from the aspects of design principle, the module itself is a UPS power supply, including static bypass switch rectifier, and attached the control circuit, etc. The biggest advantages of modular can improve the reliability and availability of the system, a module failure will not affect the normal work of the other modules, it can be hot plug performance greatly shorten the system installation and repair time enough. Visible, highly elastic modular UPS system structure, the design of the power module concept is in the runtime system can remove and install without affecting the system's operation and output, make investment planning & other Throughout the on-demand extension &; , let users with business development & other; The dynamic growth & throughout; Late, satisfy the equipment of the on-demand extensions, and reduces the initial cost. Users in UPS power capacity is expected, often underestimate or high expected would happen, modular UPS effectively solve the above problem, help users in the case of the future development direction is unclear phased construction and investment. When users need to increase the load, just according to the planning stage of increasing power module. Modular UPS can be configured according to the current business demand, and the ability to add more modules in the future. This kind of system optimization ability significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. Reconfigure power in modular design to meet changing business needs, provide great flexibility. In the installation, upgrade, reconfigure or mobile modular system, its individual components, standard interface and simple operation, which saves time and save cost.
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