High density design method of computer room air conditioning -

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
1, plan A: direct type rack precision refrigeration system this system is mainly divided into two kinds: 1) Direct expansion type, namely the configuration of air cooling condenser, through the refrigerant inside the tube is connected to the computer room, the unit placed directly beside the data cabinets or back, deal directly with the cabinet cooling, need to consider the location of the outer air cooling condenser; 2) Cold water, outdoor chiller configuration, through the cold water connection, indoor unit also placed directly beside the data cabinets or back, or is the integration of data cabinets, deal directly with cabinet cooling. Refrigeration system is directly to data cabinets, suitable for high density server accumulation, reduce room area and overhead floor height, can with the situation in view of the load to adjust refrigerating capacity, high efficiency. 2, plan B: water-cooled computer room precision air conditioning ark + ark back convulsions unit room of air conditioning ark with floor board air supply system will be processed into the room, wind back convulsions ark combination unit and server, through the top of the exhaust duct removing from the data center of hot air, avoid to produce hot short circuit loop and avoid cold and hot air, hot air through computer room precision air conditioning ark back into the duct system back to the host. By controlling the convulsions of fan speed to heat treatment equipment changes. The characteristics of this system are: 1) The built-in fan inverter can run, according to the size of the calorific value of unit to adjust the fan speed; 2) Decorate concise, assembly at the back of rack, take up room area is small; 3) Data room without any water in the pipe, put an end to floods; 4) The malfunction of the fan airflow have a spare, such as the rest of the fan air volume can be improved in order to maintain design of heat capacity; 5) Real-time monitoring and management through the network understand equipment real-time calorific value, when the server calorific value is bigger, the corresponding exhaust air volume is larger. 3, program C: water cooling machine room precision air conditioning ark + cabinet or overhead by refrigerant piping connections between refrigeration and terminal equipment, room temperature and humidity air conditioning solution space, solve local and regional high heat density refrigeration cooling end. By refrigerant phase-change absorb a lot of room for sensible heat, 100% output quantity of cold, can prevent condensation water, cold and can avoid potential output and the energy loss, equipment terminal load frame press close to, can greatly reduce the energy dissipations of the air supply, compared with the traditional air conditioning remote, can make the fan energy consumption reduced by 65%, the whole machine energy saving 30%. Energy saving effect is remarkable. The characteristics of this system are: 1) Cooling design, can random room equipment heat changes automatically adjust the size of the refrigerating capacity, flexible installation, do not take up valuable space room; 2) According to the computer room demand change increase or decrease in refrigeration and terminal equipment; 3) Refrigerant pipe layout of high flexibility, scalability, and facilitate room layout change or upgrade units without the hidden danger of flooding; 4) Dry coil technology, sensible heat ratio 100%, no condensed water, no moisture loss.
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