Fully digital UPS UPS power for the development of the future -

by:KEBO      2020-04-18
First of all, UPS input section is cancelled for the industrial frequency transformer from the mains or autotransformer for decompression, and rectifier is realized by using technology of SPWM frequency ( AC / DC) 。 On the one hand, reduce the filter size in dc side, improve the dc side regulation performance, improve the mains voltage allowed range; On the other hand in control technology used in digital signal processor DSP ( 数字信号处理器) Control, make the input current sinusoidal and in phase with the mains voltage, so as to realize high input power factor (UPS PF≈ 1) To eliminate the harmonic of grid & other; Pollution & throughout; To achieve environmental protection, greatly reducing reactive power loss, obviously decrease the operation cost. Second, cancel the UPS power frequency transformer in inverter, using high-frequency transformer to realize UPS and mains isolation, level and the output of the UPS adopts SPWM transformation method ( Without transformer directly inverter) Output power frequency voltage. The power MOSFET and IGBT inverter working in more than 20 KHZ frequency, small and simple, so the output filter and the output sine wave is very smooth. Internal battery for UPS (high frequency transform step-down ways DC / DC) Charging, when mains power, UPS conversion for storage battery to the inverter power supply, high frequency transform step-down approach ( DC / DC) The implementation. Adopted in the control circuit of the inverter sine wave direct feedback technology, make it high speed adjustment, is much better than the traditional analog feedback technology, combined with small output filter and more than 20 KHZ SPWM modulation, make UPS dynamic response is very good. With excellent performance in the inverter protection circuit over-current protection technology, makes the inverter not only has strong ability of overload and allow 100% load imbalance ( The three-phase inverter) , and it has strong self protection. It is also under the above conditions to ensure that abandoned the traditional inverter output transformer, low noise and high efficiency. Fully digital UPS is a new generation of UPS, it in addition to high quality, high reliability, high performance, multi-function, etc, also accord with the requirement of today's energy saving, environmental protection, so it is a kind of can not only meet today's needs, and can adapt to the future development needs of UPS.
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