Free flow of expressway integrated cabinet solution - wisdom

by:KEBO      2020-04-29
“ In order to increase the traffic efficiency, in this year's government work report points out, two years basic cancel the national highway, provincial boundary toll! The cancellation of these provincial boundary toll station will greatly improve the efficiency of road traffic in this way, can reduce the transportation cost, especially to reduce time cost. ” Here said to cancel the toll booth is not cancellation charges, but use technology to replace manual fee, so you need to miniaturization of integration cabinet put science and technology equipment, therefore we are planning the integration of highway wisdom cabinets. This scheme mainly elaborated the highway integration wisdom cabinet design, functional features, components and machine cabinets features such as technical solutions. One, the integration of highway wisdom cabinet design ideas and principles of integration of innovative structure design KEBO highway cabinet adopted & other wisdom; Truss modular & throughout; The innovative structural design, customers can install the scene quickly, each function module installation step by step, reserved line groove, hole and inserted terminals; Convenient installation, cable line is convenient and beautiful. Function modular design KEBO highway integration wisdom rack set switching power supply and backup power supply ( N+1) Energy storage, data acquisition, digital alarm, camera modules, intelligent temperature control, and other function module into an organic whole, realize the product's high reliability, high integration, easy to maintenance. Highway integration of the remote network management functions KEBO wisdom cabinets matching background equipment operational management system, to meet the needs of the party a, for remote monitoring of expressway integrated intelligent machine cabinets equipment state ( Equipment working status, inverter and rectifier power running status, environment, door opening and closing state, etc. ) , handling abnormal or equipment failure ( Automatic inspection, active alarms, 1000 logging and GPS positioning, automatic equipment online, etc. ) , real-time remote management ( Information query, parameter configuration, automatic synchronization, remote control switch, etc. ) 。 Second, the product features high integration: set cabinet series, ring monitoring, sensors, inverter module, rectifier power supply module, lithium iron batteries, lightning protection unit, camera unit, intelligent temperature control into an organic whole, compact volume, rational layout and beautiful. Modular design: all functional units are contained in the modular design, while maintaining the enclosure generality provides various configurations to adapt to the different application scenarios, easy extension, maintenance at the same time, the maximum to prolong the life cycle of infrastructure, so as to realize the value of infrastructure. Deployment, maintenance is convenient and flexible: all the functional units are preset factory, construction site need to introduce the mains, grounding line enclosure with preset interface docking contained in the can, without dismantling panel, contained in the module to deploy. Can run independently: pure hardware devices, but local data according to temperature and humidity, current, voltage, no software platform can complete all parameters setting, have the ability to save data that is collected and broken network, data is not lost power.
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