Frame type wiring - ups power supply

by:KEBO      2020-05-09
1, UPS wire type wire selection is very important, if your selection is not correct, will cause the line tripping, and influence the battery, 10 kw rack mount UPS power supply is recommended to use 6 square wire, it is best to use less than 10 kw under four square, copper wire need; 2, battery rack mount UPS power connection of the main is connect the battery, connect the battery is the main points of the positive electrode connected to the cathode, the each battery together, then raises two power cord, a positive and a negative electrode connected to the air switch; 3, connected to a host of UPS battery power cord access plug is made into the host, UPS UPS on the host can make other outlets, such as intelligence, intelligent plug socket; 4, connection between a host input host input will have two forms, one form is a form grid access, access is battery, grid access is 220 v or 380 v power supply access, wire access L, zero access N; 5, battery connected to the host connected to the host is plus or minus access, the positive access to host the positive battery, battery cathode connected to host the anode, remember that cannot meet the; 6, input output terminal access equipment is can access the power of the equipment, also is in the end we need power supply, the main chance to stable voltage automatically, avoid voltage shock result in instrument damage; Is simply the racks of the power of the fuselage with the three hole plug into the mains power strip, open the UPS power supply switch, let the rack type power supply after work, and then plug the power wires of mainframe computers and monitors to the rear UPS power supply socket, one by one to boot.
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