Frame type air conditioning unit seven considerations - daily maintenance

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
Electrical maintenance according to the following steps to deal with electrical connections to do a visual inspection and. 1, the machine electrical insulation test: find unqualified contact and do processing. Disconnect control part of the insurance should be paid attention to the testing process or air switch, avoid high voltage to control the damage of the device; 2, static testing whether each contactor and flexible, with or without card resistance; 3, with a brush or dry compressed air dust removal for electrical and control components; 4, check the contactor contacts and presence of arc and burn mark phenomenon, serious when replacing the corresponding contactor; 5, tighten the electrical connection in the terminal; 6, check whether to insert quick connector contact is good, if found to have loose terminal should be replaced. Control maintenance according to the following steps to control the part appearance inspection functions, simple detection and processing. 1, test control interface board, display panel surface had obvious change; 2, cleaning the electrical control components and control panel on the dust, dirt, brush with wool combining electronic cleaning agent to clean; 3, check and tighten control interface board each output input plug interface, including a display panel and control interface board and the control interface board with the temperature and humidity sensor plate connection; 4, check the control interface board to each contactor output connection, high and low pressure switch, such as filter clogging switch input connection. For the terminal should focus on check, if appear loose, poor contact, and so on and so forth should be replaced immediately; 5, change the detection problem of control fuse ( Or air switch) , control panel and other electrical components; 6, detection, control of the specifications of the connection or the power cords and aging, if necessary change the attachment; 7, with higher levels of temperature and humidity measurement precision measuring instrument, check, calibration of temperature and humidity sensor readings. Calibration process of humidity sensor readings note humidity control mode selection for relative humidity should be controlled. Air filter air filter is usually based on the adjustment of environmental conditions and decide, FengKouChu installed on the back, can effectively filter the air dust, dirt, pollen and other sundry. Air filter cleaning can be put it in a plane, a hard knock gently, to remove the above the heavier particles. If need to use neutral detergent in warm water washing, can be reinstalled after the drying. The air filter can be easily retrieved by the slide of the unit. Regularly check the fan fan motor parts including the project are: fan motor and impeller. Fan under normal circumstances, about a month for continuous operation must be used to bearing grease gun injection of sodium calcium base grease or molybdenum disulfide grease. Fan run continuously 3 - Replaced every 6 months, grease, with two-thirds full bearing space advisable. Regularly remove the fan inside the dust, dirt, etc. In the fan starting, stopping, or running, such as abnormal findings, including temperature, vibration, noise, etc. , shall be immediately stopped for maintenance. At the beginning of the impeller and all regular check, as long as there is a chance, must check whether the impeller appear flaw, wear, dust and other defects. Whenever possible, must make the impeller must be kept clean, and regularly to use wire brush to brush the dust and scale, etc. Heat exchanger can be used a vacuum cleaner with dust and debris on the surface of the nylon brush to clean the heat exchanger, such as compressed air source, the available compressed air blowing dust on the surface of the heat exchanger. Drains should check whether the drain plug, before the equipment operation to make the condensed water discharge smoothly. Parts replaced by nearby dealer to get the parts, you need accessories shall be marked with the following points: 1, the unit model; 2, the serial number of unit factory; 3, name of accessories and quantity. Note: if long time stop and then restart, the electricity at least 8 hours can restart the outdoor compressor. When doing air tightness and leak testing, do not oxygen, acetylene and other dangerous flammable gas mixed with refrigeration loop, in order to avoid danger, it is best to use nitrogen or refrigerant do such tests
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