For computer room air conditioning, correct maintenance is - how to operate

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
The maintenance for the daily inspection and maintenance of computer room air conditioning, quarterly and annual maintenance operation report four parts, each part of the maintenance maintenance scope contains all items. 1, do not smoke in air conditioning room, come down for a long time can make the quality of indoor air. When buy, choose with air purification function of air conditioner is more appropriate. In addition, the need to open a window for air after operation for a long time. 2, the indoor temperature at 25 ℃ ~ 29 ℃ is more appropriate, in the setting temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature difference control at 4 ~ 5 ℃ more reasonable. If the temperature too high or too low will cause energy loss and not free to change the temperature setting to switch air conditioner. Sinking 3, when the refrigeration, air conditioning, wind is suitable for in the horizontal direction. When heating, heat up, the wind is suitable for in the vertical downward. In order to maintain good condition at room temperature. 4, geopolitical precision machine room monitoring system by the front-end equipment, client/server APP, PC screen end three parts, the user can through the client APP/PC after landing can view real-time running state and the related parameters of precision air conditioning. When there is a temperature and humidity air return, supply the limit failure, such as synchronous receive the alarm information, fast response. 5, when to stop using, need to pull out the power supply, machine to clean, seg computer cover. Before using again, need to check the ventilation without blocking. If the machine abnormal sound, maintenance should be carried out in a timely manner, not forced to boot operation, otherwise will cause the damage of the machine. 6, indoor air conditioning should be equipped with curtain, prevent sun point-blank, still need to seal protection of air conditioning room, heat shrink into, in order to reduce energy consumption. 7, if filter adsorption dust too much not to clean in a timely manner, will cause the decrease of air volume, heat transfer effect also drops, can also reduce the refrigeration capacity, increase power consumption. Filters should be carried out every half a suitable cleaning.
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