Fault handling method, computer backup UPS power supply

by:KEBO      2020-05-01
1, electric suddenly dropped off electricity can cause great damage to the machine hardware, also impact on business. Fortunately, the administrator at work. In order to resume operation as soon as possible, we try to restart the first UPS, incredibly startup and normal operation of the success. But with the uninterrupted, so check the UPS maintenance instructions, said such buzzer corresponds to find the cause of the problem & ndash; — UPS overload. Use UPS also seems to be more, we can only increase the next UPS capacity to solve problems. 2, UPS caused by unexpected jump the line output affected by high-power air conditioner. But they are two separate power supply, separately from the inside of the different transformer room to the board, in order to make the enterprise network UPS backup power can steadily run down continuously, in addition to the usual specification use, periodically using various test tools, implement maintenance test for power network environment is a must. The whole room power supply security system, need technical personnel carefully maintenance, and to do a good job in routine screening find problems in time, analysis the impact of planned downtime, etc. 3, double power supply failed to jump two power supply switch must have specialist maintenance, regularly check the component damage and updated in a timely manner. It is important to note that due to the switch above wiring is more and more compact, remove and use must be cautious. We've been through a double the power switch damage situation. Is in a room renovation move at that time, the old switch caused by overexert when remove the inside block off, jump function is lost, finally can only replace a new one. Dual power automatic transfer switch has overload, short circuit protection function. When the power failure, switch can automatically complete common power supply to the standby power conversion, to ensure the continuous power supply of computer room, this is the first layer of protection. Of course, the premise is the regular power supply must be from different origin of access.
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