Extend the life of the module machine method

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
Prolonging the service life of the modular UPS power method. Modular UPS power supply, in the center of the room and data plays a very important role. The proper use and maintenance good modular UPS battery is to extend battery life, one of the key factors of reducing UPS power supply a total failure. How to maintain the modular UPS power supply, prolong life? Prolonging the service life of the modular UPS power method 1, the use of ac voltage stabilizer using modular UPS power supply, don't need to add ac voltage stabilizer. If must add, should be added in the first level of UPS power supply, the mains by ac voltage stabilizer first, then through UPS power supply, and then to the load. 2, try not to load running below rated power within the scope of operation as far as possible, because the super load power operation will not only influence to load the life of the product, will also affect the power supply of UPS power life. Under normal circumstances, the on-line UPS power supply capacity should be controlled in 70% ~ 80%, and back-up type of UPS power supply capacity should be controlled at 60% ~ 70%. Note that excessive light load is not good, although not as serious overload. 3, when using the UPS power supply start-up and shutdown sequence right boot shutdown sequence should be opened first modular UPS power supply to it, and then open the various load, so that you can avoid starts the instant the current impact of the damage to the UPS, when shutdown order just the opposite should turn off the load finally close UPS. When mains interruption by UPS power supply, should save their data and information as well as soon as possible and then shut down the computer, otherwise the use of modular UPS may lead to excessive discharge of UPS power supply, thus shortening the service life of UPS. 4, choose the UPS power supply installation position modular UPS battery should be installed in clean, cool, ventilated and dry place, and to avoid exposure to sunlight, heaters, or other radiation heat source. Battery should be is placed, cannot tilt Angle. Each battery terminal connected to firm. 5, use methods to correct maintenance free batteries due to absorption electrolyte system, does not produce any gases during normal use, but if the user use undeserved, cause the battery charging, can produce gas, the battery internal pressure will increase, the pressure on the battery open valve, serious can make battery burst. 6, state of modular UPS power modular UPS in the process of operation, pay attention to the monitoring of the battery terminal voltage value, floating current value, of each battery, battery and dc bus voltage value of resistance and insulation status. Don't separate increase or decrease in the battery pack several monomer battery load, this will cause a imbalance of monomer battery capacity and charging one sex inequality, reduce the service life of batteries.
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