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by:KEBO      2019-11-25
Since the invention, the transformer has been used for various purposes, especially for various transmission and distribution.It is made on the basis of application use, wide variety.Automotive transformers were one of the best inventions at the time with the same primary and secondary windings for different functions.In other words, the device needs to use a winding to provide different AC power supplies for different purposes, where the primary and secondary share a core.When needed, the single winding plays the role of primary and secondary.The device is usually used for Stepping-Make a given voltage rise or fall and make it available for certain applications.

The device transmits energy mainly through the process of conduction, and a small part of it is transmitted by induction.Since the voltage turns of these two types of windings are the same, it is possible to simply change the voltage turns by changing the turns.In this case, the way the load is connected is that one terminal is connected with one tap and the other with the neutral line.
Benefits of using an automatic transformer :-
Voltage change I.e.Both reduction and induction voltages can be done through a single device, but the two winding devices are limited to a single application.
Whether the requirements are high or low, the automatic transformer can provide a smooth voltage change according to the requirements of the application.
However, there are two types of losses associated with the operation of the equipment;The automatic transformer greatly reduces the copper loss in the process.In addition, the leakage and resistance are smaller compared to the dual winding equipment.
The device is compact in size, durable in performance, affordable in price and powerful in technology.
The excitation current requirements are smaller compared to the two winding transformers.
Application of automobile transformer :-
Power and distribution-
The device is used in power applications for system interconnect that will work at different voltage levels.It is also installed in the industry as a voltage regulator to insert automatic splitters to replace equipment.
Audio Systems -
In order to adapt the speaker of the audio system to a constant voltage and reduce errors in the system, the device is widely used.
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