EPS power supply what are the three major features and differences of UPS power supply -

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
The general should have three functions system: 1, the work of fire emergency lighting, fire into the group work function of the lighting system, set for fire fighting and rescue workers, general Settings in the power distribution, fire pump room, fire control center, communication center and so on such important place, its emergency work time should not be less than 90 min, and meet the requirements of normal working intensity of illumination. 2, by the low fire emergency evacuation lighting and evacuation instructions, and other forms of mark of emergency evacuation system identification function, for personnel in case of an emergency evacuation, provides a clear direction and way, general installation in shopping malls, cinemas and other crowded public passage of large public places, and the vertical staircase, usually located under the ground or from the ground 1 m, this kind of emergency lighting of the emergency work time is not less than 90 min, lights the main standard interface surface brightness cannot be lower than 15 CD/m2. 3, by the fire emergency evacuation of lighting, fire evacuation function system, for the sake of the during the evacuation, provide the necessary illumination and set, generally set in public aisle, vertical staircase, its emergency work time not less than 90 min, intensity of illumination is not lower than 0. 5Lx。 EPS power supply and UPS power difference: 1, UPS uninterruptible power supply, mainly used to provide important load power protection, including the elimination of power grid in various electricity harassment. EPS emergency power supply, mainly in the grid to power a load provide a certain amount of time after the blackout, as a result, it from the mains power to the output is intermittent. 2, UPS is one of the international and domestic important load protection products, with strict international and national standards. EPS in China only in hereby everywhere a definition, there is no clear explanation, also does not have the similar products in the world, so there is no corresponding international standards and national standards. 3, UPS output precision, fast conversion time, high cost (at the same time About twice the EPS) , at ordinary times the energy consumption ( On-line) Short life, the host ( 8 - 10 years) 。
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