Environment monitoring system of computer room environment monitoring project and content

by:KEBO      2020-05-03
Environment monitoring system of computer room environment monitoring program and contents of 1, power distribution system is mainly for power distribution system of three phase voltage, phase current, line voltage and line current, active and reactive power, frequency, power factor and power distribution parameters, such as monitoring for monitoring the state of the switch. When some of the important parameters for alarm after the danger line. 2, UPS power supply ( Contains the dc power supply) By UPS and the communication protocol of intelligent communication interface to the UPS internal rectifier, inverter, battery, bypass, the running state of load components such as real-time monitoring, once has the component fails, the engine power environmental monitoring system will automatically alarm. System for UPS monitoring shall adopt monitor only, do not control mode. 3, air conditioning equipment through real-time monitoring, able to diagnose the running status of air conditioning comprehensive monitoring air conditioning components ( Such as compressor, fan, heater, humidifier, dehumidifier, filter, etc. ) Running state and parameter, and can through the computer room power environmental monitoring system management function remote air conditioning setting parameters ( Upper and lower temperature, humidity, temperature and humidity on the floor, etc. ) The restart, and the precision air conditioning. Air conditioning unit even if has a small fault, also can be detected by computer room power environmental monitoring system, take timely measures to prevent the air conditioning unit further damage. 4, each important position in the engine room, room temperature and humidity need to furnish temperature and humidity detection module, record the temperature and humidity curve for management staff query. Once the temperature and humidity is beyond the scope, start immediately alarm, remind managers adjust air conditioning work value is set or adjust the distribution equipment in the room. 5, leakage detection points locating leakage detection system and not two. The so-called positioning, is refers to the leak of can accurately report the specific leakage location system. Don't positioning system, by contrast, can only report found leaking, but cannot indicate the position. The system consists of sensor and controller. Controller for monitoring the status of the sensor, found that the hydrologic information to monitor on the PC. Leak sensor cable detection and detection of two kinds, the room mainly adopts line detection. Line detection using leak rope, will flood the area around it, leakage happens, water comes into contact with the lines of a report to the police. 6, smoke alarm smoke detectors built-in microcomputer control, breakdown self check, can prevent the omission of false positives, output pulse level signals, relay switch or on or off. When there is a smoke into the ionization chamber can destroy the smoke detectors electric balance, alarm circuit detected concentration exceed the set alarm threshold. 7, video monitoring equipment room environment monitoring system integrated with video monitoring, image using MPEG4 video compression mode, set many image browser, video playback, video remote transmission, trigger the alarm, yuntai control, equipment linkage at an organic whole, video system can also with other input signal, video once the alarm, at the same time linkage with other devices such as double as a sensor, door magnetic tape. 8, entrance guard monitor entrance guard system by the controller, induction of card reader, electric control lock and open button ( Networking system plus communication converter. Read card way belongs to non-contact card mode, system to effectively monitor management and personnel. 9, lightning protection system through the switch signal gathering module to realize real-time monitoring of lightning protection module working condition, usually only two monitoring and off state. 10 monitoring of fire control system, fire control system is mainly, gas spraying fire alarm signal collection, fire control system to control.
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