Enterprise data center to the general requirements of UPS power supply system

by:KEBO      2020-04-19
Based on the characteristics and the importance of data server itself work center especially high to the requirement of power supply, generally want to use redundant Yu Dechun on-line UPS system to meet the requirements. High availability is the first requirement on the system of UPS power supply, but not the only requirement, with the development of the data center construction, the people to the requirement of UPS power supply system is more comprehensive and reasonable. From the point of overall Angle from the view of development, the enterprise data center to the requirement of UPS power supply system has the following several aspects: 1, safe and reliable, general requirement of UPS power supply system availability A≥ 99. 999%. “ Five 9 & throughout; Equivalent to 5 minutes of downtime every year. This metric is very high, first of all, availability is in continuous measurements of system running life period, it is the normal operation of the total time divided by the total run time. A=MTBF/( MTBF + MTTR) , 1 hours of electricity can make the availability of the power supply system in 12 years amounted to less than five nine goals. Secondly, to consider in the formula system restart and recovery time. 3 seconds at a time of power could make the server goes down for 30 minutes, do not consider these factors to calculate the availability of the results. Moreover, the availability refers to the UPS power supply system, UPS is not itself. Some of the enterprise data center, the tolerance of the UPS is very strong, high availability, but are connected with it at all levels of circuit breaker, transformer, switch has multiple points to a single point of failure, this kind of design has been availability & other; Bottleneck & throughout; , high availability is not the link is always get in the way of the whole power supply system to achieve the optimal availability. According to statistics, the data center UPS power supply system, more than 70% of the fault has nothing to do with UPS itself, but with the quality of the other links or other equipment in power distribution system, installation, operation, maintenance and other issues related to, or the UPS misoperation due to these problems or failures. Visible, UPS equipment is just one of the factors involving the whole power supply system availability, implementation of each link to obtain reliable equilibrium for the best availability of the UPS power supply system is of vital importance. 2, can provide dual power supply, in order to meet the needs of double power source server. Server is currently on the market generally require double power input, any way power error does not affect the normal work of the server, so that the server for the tolerance of the power supply problem increase greatly. 3, UPS power supply system can be gradually expanded, and should not affect the normal operation of the load in the process of expansion, to meet the needs of the server are expanding, and do not interrupt. So can effectively save the system construction of initial investment cost, and can make the UPS in the whole process of the construction of data center always keep in a safe and efficient working condition, improved the system performance. 4, system zero voltage is lower, generally no more than 1 v, stable and reliable data transmission, to ensure that the server from *. In zero to the cause of the high voltage system are: with zero voltage of the power grid into the line itself is on the high side, system grounding system does not conform to the standard, or the system harmonic current in the large and small, ground wire length, wire diameter. UPS itself does not reduce the zero voltage, reduce the zero voltage by improve the distribution system. 5, green environmental protection, energy saving, conform to the trend of The Times. In today's energy shortage, attaches great importance to environmental protection, green, energy-saving, much attention has been paid to the power supply system of some enterprises has the quantitative rules of the energy saving, as indicators of enterprises must complete a year of hard to do. UPS in the green, energy-saving performance mainly embodied in the input power factor, input current harmonic and the machine efficiency and so on. Good UPS can reduce equipment for grid or machine oil *, also can save electricity, reduce operating costs. Six, UPS power supply system should be easy maintenance, easy to manage. Such not only can save system maintenance costs, more important is can avoid caused by man-made improper maintenance or management of system failure. In order to meet the above requirements, it is necessary to choose suitable UPS products, formulate reasonable UPS power supply scheme.
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