Energy efficient data center - multimode UPS system

by:KEBO      2020-04-29
As the government departments and enterprises face reduce operating costs and related data center energy use pressure, uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) Manufacturers for its technology and product design improvement, in order to improve operation efficiency. Data center industry organizations such as the green grid association is strongly recommended that companies using the new model more UPS system technology, the efficiency of 98% to 99%, replacing efficiency from 93% to 95% of traditional single mode of UPS. At present, about 50% of the large UPS system manufacturers have fast transmission using logical multimode technology. This type of UPS is likely in the next five years to get significant growth. What is a multimode UPS system? Multimode UPS system provides data center operators in the ability to choose between two operation mode: double transformation model can provide high quality power protection, and multimode or & other; ecomode” ( Economic model) Provide efficient operation efficiency. When the user selects multiple mode as the default operating mode in order to achieve the efficiency of 98% to 99%, the abnormal if detected in UPS input power supply, UPS system will be in less than two milliseconds automatically transferred to the senior protected mode. In the United States, harmful to the IT key load power anomalies are usually only account for 3% of the business running time, so the operation mode of the annual conversion between probability is likely to be the smallest. Double transformation model for decades in large UPS system is the typical mode of power protection, but its also a significant weakness, that is to run efficiency is in the range of 93% to 95%. Now, the user demand higher UPS operation efficiency and lower total cost of ownership ( TCO) , and not enough power to protect. This is the key to multimode UPS. Research instruction compose frost, according to a study of the enterprise space for a 50000 - square - foot data center in 10 years using multimode UPS system, and in most of the time in a multimode mode operation, can save the cost of $3. 1 million. These costs come mainly from UPS system to reduce energy consumption, and is used to overcome UPS system cooling ventilation and air conditioning ( HVAC) Energy consumption of the system. As electricity costs continue to rise, multimode UPS save electricity will over time. TCO advantages other than multimode multi-mode UPS also provides other benefits besides TCO, and reduce the energy consumption. The technology provides a & other; Intelligent & throughout; UPS input power monitoring, which will record the cause from the multimode to double the number of abnormal input power transform mode and frequency. Too much or frequent abnormal power would make UPS“ Lock & throughout; More patterns for a period of time, so that power over a period of time remained stable. Multimode UPS system, therefore, can be on when to use the multimode or double conversion mode of real-time intelligent logical decisions, to maximize the protection of critical load operation is normal, without sacrificing efficiency. The second advantage of multimode UPS system is prolong the working life of the parts. In multimode during operation, many UPS module components work under low current and low thermal range, so as to prolong service life. Other components such as fan, can not run. Multimode UPS manufacturers of many components of the shortest life extension is expected to one to two years. The third advantage is the ease of multimode UPS system output fault. Any UPS output short circuit or overload will soon by upstream of the over-current protection equipment to handle, and no internal working model in the UPS system to adjust. The UPS output fault will load on the power source impedance directly, rather than loading in UPS power supply, thus reducing the damage. Some UPS manufacturers such as ge's key power supply business, in the multimode system design the unique features of extra, ge is called eBoost technology. These features include in the economic operation mode used in the power supply path line reactor, in the efficient mode provides power regulation level; Specifically, it can help to reduce the high frequency & other; Surge & throughout; Events and low frequency & other; Ring wave & throughout; To minimize into double conversion mode. This kind of reactor design also allows more UPS modules to parallel output of the bus cable length difference is as high as & plusmn; 25%. The cable length difference also provide enhanced floor layout design flexibility. Some other UPS manufacturers must keep cable length difference in & plusmn; 10%, or may result in UPS power decrease or parallel UPS doesn't run properly. Multimode UPS system operating costs ( opex) Reduced as well as the additional advantages for the user to a data centre in the foreseeable future in this UPS technology offers many compelling reason. For other mission critical applications and/or key process, also should consider multimodal UPS technology, especially for more than 225 kva and high power applications, because its energy consumption is a key issue.
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