Electrical maintenance skills - after failure

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
1, first machinery, electrical equipment with electric circuit after & ndash; Based on mechanical principles, especially mechanical and electrical integration of advanced equipment, mechanical and electrical organic coordination on the function, is an integral part of the two aspects. Often mechanical parts failure, affect the electrical system, many electrical components function doesn't work. So don't confuse the superficial phenomenon, should be the essence through the phenomena, electrical system malfunction is not all the electrical itself, is likely to be caused by mechanical parts failure. So maintenance of mechanical system fault first, then remove part of the electrical failure, often get twice the result with half the effort. 2, after the first simple, complex this technique includes two meanings: one is the inspection failure, need to use the most simple, the maintenance staff their own best way to deal with before with complex and precise or not familiar with. Second, troubleshooting, ruled out first intuitive, clear, simple and common fault, rule out difficult, not the processed after troubleshooting. In short: easy before they are difficult. 3, after the first external debug, internal with external refers to the exposure to the electrical equipment enclosure or seal outside all kinds of switches, buttons, pin and light; Internal refers to the electrical equipment enclosure or seal of the printed circuit board, components and various kinds of connecting wires. Internal processing after external debug, first, is in the case of not remove electrical equipment using electrical equipment on the front panel switch, button, knob, socket, such as debugging check, compression failure. Maintenance equipment internal failure again, try to avoid unnecessary disassembly. 4, after the first static test, dynamic measurement of static refers to after failure occurs, in the case of no electricity, for electrical equipment for maintenance. Dynamic is refers to the electrical equipment of electrical equipment maintenance after the power supply. Most electrical equipment failure occurs after the repair, don't live immediately, if electricity could artificially, expanding the scope of the fault loss much more components, resulting in loss of should not be. As a result, the fault electrical equipment before electricity resistance measurement, take the necessary precautions, before electricity maintenance.
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