Electric power special instructions - UPS

by:KEBO      2020-05-01
Power dedicated UPS racks, but parallel power inverter, online input DC48 / DC110V/DC220V, online switch type 0 milliseconds, frame type, 3 u 19 inches high, convenient installation cabinet. Don't need to match the battery, refer to the original dc power plant, saving cost; Without additional configuration heavy isolation transformer, online inverter itself the built-in high frequency isolation, small volume, high efficiency, good performance, stable and reliable quality, accord with modern power plants, hydropower and other departments & other; Economic & throughout; “ Energy saving & throughout; “ Environmental protection & throughout; The use of the requirements. Online also called power UPS inverter, at present our company is 19 inch rack type power dedicated UPS, convenient each big users to install cabinets, high efficiency, reliable and stable performance. 1 power dedicated UPS technology characteristics, integration device of DC operation power supply share a set of ac uninterruptible power supply, battery operating power supply of the charger is used to, including UPS, DC/DC power supply, constant load and battery power supply. The ac power failure by the storage battery constantly to constant load and load such as UPS power supply; 2, can be realized through the communication interface of centralized monitor dc operation power supply and ac uninterruptible power supply remote monitoring, communication interface, system simplification; 3, load short circuit without shutdown, uninterrupted ac output; 4, power dedicated UPS system has intelligent simulation screen, each unit can send out red yellow green three colors of light, not only can real-time display also has the function of preventing misoperation of the working conditions; 5, UPS, inverter power supplies and DC/DC power supply with DC operating power supply could satisfy the requirement of power system configuration between the isolation transformer, in order to prevent the accident caused by grounding system; 6, the limit of dc bus voltage of the filling and ripple, make the system fit and fully meet the safety standards of the power UPS power supply system, 7, can be used in series or parallel UPS hot backup mode, improve communication no electricity power supply reliability; 8, solve the on-site each UPS work independently, itself does not have a serial port communication or not and background monitoring. Continuous monitoring stations in UPS running state and fault information. 9, overload ability, strong anti-jamming capability.
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