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by:KEBO      2020-04-19
KEBO UPS power supply can greatly improve the quality of power supply. UPS power supply is the purification of power supply, to eliminate higher harmonic, improve the quality of power supply. When the power switch power supply without interruption, also won't produce strong arc disturbance. Computer data centers will not be lost information and data, to protect the computer equipment, especially the hard disk, not by power cuts and scratches. Cloud computing and data centers to KEBO UPS power system requirements including safe, reliable, energy conservation, environmental protection, maintainability, and construction costs several parties, the following one by one, let users really understand to the excellent quality KEBO UPS. 1, energy conservation, environmental protection, energy conservation and environmental protection is a leading indicator of the data center. In today's energy shortage, attaches great importance to environmental protection, green, energy-saving KEBO UPS power supply system is a major concern. UPS in the green, energy-saving performance mainly embodied in the input power factor, input current harmonic and the machine efficiency and so on. General requirements input power factor is greater than zero. 95, input current harmonic is less than 5%, the efficiency is more than 92%. 2, safe and reliable general requirement of power supply system availability A≥ 99. 999%. Reasonable, therefore, must be configured to achieve the safe power supply system optimization. 3, maintainability KEBO UPS power supply system should be easy maintenance, easy to manage. Such not only can save system maintenance costs, more important is can avoid caused by man-made improper maintenance or management of system failure. 4, system configuration requirements can increase construction cost, so can effectively save the system construction of initial investment cost, and make KEBO UPS always stay in the process of the construction of the whole data center under the safe and efficient working condition, improved the system performance. 5, larger capacity, longer life, higher reliability and now has entered the era of highly developed information, information center, has become an important part in People's Daily life. The size of the data center is becoming more and more big, but also to the requirements of reliability and life more and more high, only in this way can maintain data center for the strong support of the network. As the data center, the power supply system of the heart is data center and network, the first thing to do, KEBO UPS working status directly affect the reliability of the data center and network. 6, covers an area of less space UPS system takes up valuable data center floor space, so make sure you select the configuration will not ask to add more space in your facility. , therefore, the construction of a reasonable data center KEBO UPS power supply system, not blindly pursue one index optimization, but should according to actual needs, in ensuring safety and reliability, energy conservation, environmental protection, convenient maintenance and management, reduce the construction cost of the six points to find a balance point, build both energy conservation and environmental protection, and safe and reliable, and economical system. Therefore, for more applications to adapt to the data center capacity, faster processing ability, better power efficiency. KEBO UPS are still continue to move in the process of development, in order to adapt to the demand, give full play to its good quality.
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