Detailed analysis of the integration of outdoor cabinets - rack manufacturer

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
Integration of outdoor cabinet and outdoor cabinet is to point to directly in the natural climate influence, made of metal or nonmetal material, are not allowed without permission operators into the cabinet put oneself in another's position of the operation. Integration of new outdoor cabinet product introduction new outdoor integration cabinet of energy conservation is a safe, reliable, anti-theft performance is strong, low noise, good heat dissipation effect, take up the space is little good product. Another characteristic is the product can meet the site fast, the product delivery to the site, the three module after the installation is complete, the power and reserve a good docking terminal, power supply, heat exchanger, air conditioning, the device can be used, such as no wiring on-site installation. Integration of rack is suitable for the outdoor condition, such as road, park, the roof, the mountains, the ground installation cabinet, cabinet can be installed base station equipment, power equipment, storage battery, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and other auxiliary equipment, or equipment installation space reserved for above and in heat capacity, can provide reliable mechanical and normal operation of the internal device cabinet of environmental protection. Integration of cabinet by the battery cabinet, cabinet group into power cabinets, equipment, make full use of every cabinet interior space available. Outdoor cabinet location choose better ventilation area, when installed in open field or on the floor, try not to install in the residents in the corridor or in the room, lest affect ventilation cooling effect, and the equipment running noise; When installation, must have a reliable base of channel steel or cement block, away from the low-lying area, and high dust have qualified grounding line. Integrated cabinet components, components, parts, accessory equipment and its installation interface, are standard, general. Mainly made of metal materials, the use of cabinet put oneself in another's position of floor installation, its internal can install the device ( BBU) And pay, direct lightning protection, transmission equipment, power supply, temperature control equipment and other auxiliary equipment, convenient maintenance, and can provide reliable mechanical internal equipment to work normally and the cabinet put oneself in another's position of environmental protection. Inside cabinet and set up four pillar installation, for installation of equipment and fixed layer board. Installation can move to adjust the post. Cabinet external no exposed screws, avoid theft from external remove; Cabinet, with the base structure is adopted, and equipped with same - Sun shade, in order to avoid leak and cause corrosion phenomenon between ark, equipment, power supply cabinet cupboard door to open the door. Integration of outdoor cabinet advantages: compared with traditional cabinets and machine room, the integration of outdoor cabinet cover an area of an area small, shorten the construction cycle, reduce the single point of failure path between the various functional modules, greatly improve the compatibility between the system at the same time, large extent improve the user's computer room space utilization, to provide users with a more consistency, higher integration, higher administrative and extensibility of small intelligent computer system. Integration of outdoor cabinet is mainly used for wireless communication base stations, including a new generation of 3 g systems, communication/network integrated services, access/transport exchange station, emergency communication/transmission, etc. The adoption thickness greater than 1. 5 mm hot dipping zinc plate, the outer casing, internal assembly of metalworking parts and accessories. Inside the cabinet according to the functional divided into equipment module and the battery compartment. Enclosure structure is compact, easy installation, sealed performance is excellent.
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