Definition and classification of UPS uninterruptible power supply industry

by:KEBO      2020-04-04
Define the UPS (UPS uninterruptible power supply industry UninterruptiblePowerSystem / UninterruptiblePowerSupply) , that is, the battery (uninterruptible power supply, More for lead-acid maintenance-free battery) Connected to the host, through the inverter module circuit converts dc mains system equipment. Is mainly used to give a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic devices such as solenoid valve, pressure transmitter, etc to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply. When normal mains input, UPS will be used after the mains voltage supply load, at this time of the UPS is an ac mains voltage regulator, it is also the battery inside the machine; When the mains interruption ( Forced outage) , UPS battery dc can immediately, by inverter zero switching conversion method to the load continues to supply 220 v alternating current (ac), make the load to maintain normal work and protect the software and hardware load from being damaged. UPS equipment are usually of high voltage or low voltage can provide protection. UPS uninterruptible power supply industry classification according to the working principle of the UPS into back-up type, and online interactive on-line three categories. Among them, we are the most commonly used is the backup type UPS, it has the power automatic voltage regulator, UPS for the protection of the most basic and most important function, although generally have about 10 ms conversion time, but because the structure is simple and has low price, high reliability advantages, therefore widely used in computer, peripherals, POS machine, etc. Backup type UPS power is divided into sine wave output UPS backup type power supply and back-up type square wave output UPS power supply. Backup type sine wave output UPS power: single output can be 0. 25 kw ~ 2 kw, when the mains changes between 170 v to 264 v, to provide customers with the mains voltage regulator for processing; When the mains beyond 170 v to 264 v, is provided by UPS sine wave power supply of high quality. Square wave output UPS power: backup and backup type sine wave output UPS power supply is to provide users with different frequency 50 hz square-wave power supply. On-line UPS is complicated in structure, the performance is perfect, can solve the problem of all power, such as cross PS series, its salient features is the ability to continue to zero interrupt pure sine wave output alternating current (ac), to solve the peak, surge, etc. All of the power supply frequency drift problem; Due to large investments, often in the center of the key equipment and network applications in power demanding environment. On-line interactive UPS, compared with back-up type, online interactive with filtering function, strong ability to resist mains *, conversion time is less than 4 ms, inverter output sine wave for simulation, so can be equipped with servers, routers and other network equipment, or use in electric power environment is bad.
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