Containment strategy - resolution channels

by:KEBO      2020-04-28
A data center on the implementation of containment system will reduce energy use efficiency ( PUE) The direct cost savings. For example, if the power capacity of 1 mw ( IT load) Data center electricity price per kilowatt hour of 0. $1, the PUE can from 2. 0 to 1. 5, so every year can save 25% of its electricity, save electricity bills will reach more than $350000. In order to get the best efficiency, deploying seal cooling channels ( CAC) Thermal channel (or seal HAC) Will be the user's data center industry best practices. ( 1) Cold channel stem ( CAC) Cold channel stem ( CAC) Close cooling channels within the data center, the cold air directly to each cooling channel, then the airflow through the proper control measures and server requirements to match. The physical barrier, Plastic, glass or organic glass curtain) Add it to the end of the cold channel and the top. The transparent barrier to keep cold channels visible and easy to monitor. Cold channel stem ( CAC) One advantage is that it can use with floor supply pressure ventilation system, or used with no floor overhead pipeline. The user channel containment (to cold CAC) System is usually complain, & other; Uncontrolled & throughout; Room temperature will tend to rise, it give a person a kind of false impression, that there may be a cooling problem. ( 2) Thermal channel containment ( HAC) Thermal channel containment ( HAC) Thermal channel will be closed within the data center, IT equipment to discharge the air into the closed thermal channel, and through the ceiling ventilation system or return piping system returned directly cooling equipment. Cooling air flow through the elevated floor is introduced into the room, or room space is introduced directly from the computer room air conditioning. Thermal channel containment ( HAC) One advantage is that general data center space to keep cool, eliminate the hot spots. Channel containment technology does increase the complexity of the overall data center operations. In order to implement appropriate containment strategies in the data center, need to make key decisions in the design of the room space early. Data center operators must consider how to keep the development of stem at the scene. Another key is to consider the thermal channel conditions.
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