Configuration should pay attention to what matters - ups

by:KEBO      2020-04-25
1, the actual load capacity: this is the most fundamental factor of UPS capacity size. The output of the UPS capacity must reach or exceed the load needs to guarantee the normal power supply. In the practical application to consider UPS is to use centralized power supply and distributed power supply. Adopt the centralized power supply should be the total load will rooms all power accumulated by the UPS power supply load. Use of distributed power supply based on each UPS with different load. 2, the type of load, different types of load to the different proportion of the active power and reactive power, but UPS need to load at the same time provide enough active power and reactive power, the actual output capacity is limited by load type. With the power factor is 0. 7 of UPS, for example, generally calculation method is: impedance load of VA value = W & divide; 0. 7. Perceptual load VA value = W & divide; 0. 3. 3, UPS capacity usage: for high-power UPS, general advice capacity utilization rate control in 0. 6 ~ 0. 8. 4, environmental conditions: UPS working temperature should be controlled in the range of 0 ~ 40 ℃. At an altitude of more than 1000 m 1000 m per rise, after UPS shall use 5% derating. 5, types and the actual load capacity of UPS: different types of UPS its load capacity is different. Machine output ability is good, power frequency and high frequency machine, the actual loading ability only machine power frequency of 0. Nine times. 6, the potential capacity of equipment: configuration need UPS capacity expansion and equipment should be considered in the future, have a certain margin.
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