Computer usage and maintenance of ups -

by:KEBO      2020-04-17
A working environment to ensure 1, UPS. UPS mainframe and battery working environment should avoid direct sunlight, and away from other radiation heat source, the working environment should be kept clean, cool, dry, ventilated, avoid harmful dust. 2. In order to protect the safety of UPS equipment, ensure the staff personal safety, the UPS cabinet must be safe and reliable grounding. 3. UPS host requirements to the ambient temperature is not too high, can work at 0 ℃ - Scope of 30 ℃, but UPS battery requirements to the ambient temperature is higher, UPS battery requirements of standard temperature is 25 ℃, had better not exceed 15 ℃ - The scope of 30 ℃. Second, the matters needing attention when using UPS 1. UPS in use for the first time, must first be connected to the ac mains, using their own UPS to float charging UPS battery charging circuit, floating charge time best within 24 hours, after being saturated battery capacity, shall be put into normal use. 2. UPS with load should be appropriate, cannot overload or full use UPS for a long time. Three, maintenance of UPS UPS monitoring 1. To ensure the long-term stable operation of UPS, grasps the UPS is working correctly, need to know many UPS runtime parameters, we can use UPS monitoring to understand UPS operation parameters, including: the input voltage, output voltage, current and frequency, output the apparent power, active power and power factor, load rate, the temperature devices, storage battery discharge current and charging current, battery capacity and power supply backup time, fault location and time records, etc. 2. Center room UPS is very important, it is the last line of protection of the power system, so in the process of use and maintenance of UPS, pay attention to the above item, the UPS monitoring is to form an important part of the UPS system management specification.
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