Computer room to use what are advantages of modular UPS power supply -

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
In recent years, with the development of cloud computing and computer room, makes the scale is more and more big, the complexity is higher and higher, the construction cycle continuously extend, PUE value is high, how to improve data center security better reduce the energy consumption problem become a difficult problem in front of each enterprise. After years of research, for a long period of time precipitation technology, is proposed with high practicability and reliability of modular UPS data center solutions. (1) computer room engineering is simple, short construction period, easy expansion; A standardized interface; Overall generic modular hardware equipment, subsystem; With the characteristics of rapid deployment, batch production, easy to copy, compared with the traditional pattern of data center construction, shorten the construction cycle above 50%; (2) can be flexible configuration, scene strong adaptability; Room height, low bearing requirements, meet all kinds of equipment room construction, the transformation scenarios, modular scheme, construction, single and double row number of counters flexible expansion, fit a variety of scenarios demand; 3. Highly compatible, high quality and reliable; Leading technology such as the core hardware such as refrigeration and air conditioning, efficient UPS all manufacturer specifications, high quality and reliable; (4) intelligent management of save Labour cost; Intelligent management system to achieve the intelligent operations, reduce the cost of artificial maintenance, remote monitoring and combined PAD, mobile APP, help customers easily operations; 5. UPS power supply reduces the TCO, save costs, room design, foundation decorates cost, energy consumption, etc. Modular UPS power supply of the main characteristics can be summarized as the following: 1. On-demand extension, expansion at any time; 2. Module redundancy; 3. Energy conservation and environmental protection; 4. Online hot plug, easy to maintain. Represents the future trend, a UPS power supply industry technology innovation products. Modular UPS for widespread benefits of the computer, it not only simplifies the from initial planning to the daily operation of each process, also significantly improved the data center all the main component of commercial value & ndash; Capacity, availability, easy maintenance and high efficiency.
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