Computer room precision air conditioning - the difference between a double system and single system

by:KEBO      2020-05-12
Double room air conditioning system and the single system: the difference between a double room air conditioning system is made up of two compressor, double fan and double condenser, advantage: there is a system fault another system still can continue to run. Single computer room air conditioning system with a compressor, single fan, a single of condenser, the device is only suitable for small machine room air conditioning. 30% of comfort air conditioning cooling load is usually in order to eliminate the latent heat load, 70% were in order to eliminate the sensible heat load. For computer room, the situation is very different, room is mainly the sensible heat generated by the device, the heat load and generated by the indoor staff into the fresh air in the room of thermal and moisture load in summer ( Accounts for only 5% of the total load) 。 And winter is need humidifying instead of dehumidification, even in the winter room still need to eliminate the heat load, especially when program machine in view of the above characteristics, such as the general comfort air conditioning unit is used for machine room, can cause energy waste. Electronic computer room has strict air cleanliness requirements. The dust in the air, corrosive gas, etc. Will seriously damage the life of electronic components, causing poor contact and short circuit, etc. , so required equipment room dedicated air conditioning will be effected according to the relevant standard for dust removal, filtering, circulation of air. In addition, the supplement to the telecom room air, maintain positive pressure in the engine room. According to the electronic computer room design code 'regulation, dust concentration of the air in the computer room, under the condition of static testing, per liter is greater than or equal to zero in the air. 5 m on the number of dust particles and should be less than 18000 grains. Computer room and other rooms, corridors between pressure difference should not be less than 4. 9 pa, and outdoor static pressure difference should not be less than 9. 8Pa。
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