Computer room precision air conditioning system energy efficiency -

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
As long as the user requirements, the filtration system can be easily to replace filters or add filters to upgrade. General grade A clean requires the use of high efficiency or high efficiency filter, class B requires the use of clean and efficient or efficient filter, even C grade cleaning requirements are effectively filter should be used. At the beginning of comfort air conditioning units, however, usually only efficient filter. And effect in special units of some imported filter air filter adopts early usually standard if you need to improve the efficiency of filtering in the unit, also can only be modified, and often still need to increase the fan, increase wind pressure, in order to avoid air conditioner was installed by efficient or the hepa filter and make the supply ability declined dramatically. (2) from the point of view of operating costs, in the same refrigeration effect under the premise of comfort is the power consumption of air conditioning equipment room dedicated air conditioning power consumption of The Times. Refer to the following calculation, considered the rooms dedicated air-conditioning and comfort in the calculation of the difference between sensible heat ratio and air conditioning can effect comparing. So the actual cooling capacity of the unit is generally lower than samples indicate the rating of 10% ~ 25%. In addition, the operating point deviates from the design point, to a certain extent, some parts of the unit performance due to the deviation from the preferred operating point, which affect the unit's overall matching state, is not conducive to give full play to the performance of the unit and efficient operation. Computer room dedicated precision air conditioning, however, due to the operating point as design point, so the unit is always in a good running. And the design of the comfort air conditioning temperature is 27 ℃ in summer commonly: 23 & plusmn; 2 ℃ because room for its operating point is: the winter: 20 & plusmn; 2 ℃ if the comfort air conditioning system design for computer room precision air conditioning system that is fundamentally to avoid these problems. Look from the eer, room selection of industrial grade tightening machine of special air conditioning can effect comparing is as high as above, and the comfort air conditioning industry choose tightening machine can effect comparing is about now, well below rooms dedicated air-conditioning. This is a very substantial in the communications industry, Banks widely used equipment room dedicated air conditioning. A feature of the room air conditioning is the basic for the whole year 24 hours a day at work, a high requirement on the compressor, refrigeration summer to winter, quality closes nevertheless, once the room air conditioning not refrigeration, cause server downtime, loss is big. Daikin air conditioning can also add block boards, real-time state of air conditioning, screen plugging plugging, return air temperature and so on. Precision air conditioning ( Also known as the constant temperature and humidity air conditioning) , foreign names Precision Air Conditioner, it is to point to can fully meet the requirements of computer room environment condition of computer room dedicated Precision Air conditioning units, is in the past 30 years, gradually developed a new model, the features of large Air volume, heat load changes, is applied to library, archives, print works, etc. 30% of comfort air conditioning cooling load is usually to latent heat load, 70% is for the sake of sensible heat load. For computer room, the situation is very different, room is mainly the sensible heat generated by the device, the heat load and generated by the indoor staff into the fresh air in the room of thermal and moisture load in summer ( Accounts for only 5% of the total load) 。
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