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by:KEBO      2020-05-11
Computer room precision air conditioning should choose what kind of way? The current data center system for high requirement of the overall environment of the room, a correct and reasonable, perfect computer room precision air conditioning refrigeration system can guarantee the secure and stable operation of the machine room equipment. On this condition, still need to allocate data center equipment required for the cold air conditioning. To improve the utilization rate of air conditioning, save energy consumption of air conditioning. Room precision air conditioning supply under way into next to return and give return type two kinds, namely the supply air and on the way. Is the low temperature air supply way under the air directly from overhead floor next to the room or rack, after absorbing heat equipment, return air from the top room. In this way, cold, hot air flow direction is consistent with the characteristics of the air. Cold, hot air can be natural separation, easy to get good cooling effect. Air supply system and air supply under way on the contrary, in the room at the top of the installation of tuyere, cold air from the outlet discharge of engine cooling, this way of supply air due to the cold air is first mixed with air, refrigeration result is bad. According to the computer room whole space to use appropriate air conditioning air supply mode. 1, the overall room area is larger, can use under the way. Instead, you can choose on the way. 2, if the data center equipment power density is larger, the whole area is not large, but the room can be used in a precise way, also can be in power density larger cabinet side column is decorated with a leading air conditioning air supply, directly to the cabinet internal devices supply air cooling of high power density. 3, if in order to improve the efficiency and the ability to achieve the equipment required for air conditioning and cooling capacity can be taken to do cold channel way, achieve the goal of energy saving. By the side of supply air or air supply way to focus to the data center equipment for heat dissipation in a timely manner.
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