Computer room precision air conditioning service life more than what harm is there? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
Life: in 8-10 years general product service life For 10 years. After they use, air conditioning will appear big noise, power consumption increase, refrigeration slow hot flashes, can't control, odor outlet serious condition, such indirect influence our daily equipment use. So after reaching service age, the user will timely replacement, so as to ensure the normal use of our users. There have been two major hidden dangers, overage air conditioning machine bracket because of long exposure outside, outside a is easy to corrosion, rust, loose bending occur, pose a safety hazard. 2 it is not for a long time for maintenance of the air conditioning, bacteria, and then spread the virus, affect public health. Hazard: easy to fall off, the bigger threat to passers-by in the end, in fact the overage refrigeration equipment another big disadvantage is its high power consumption, use for a long time after use daily power consumption will rise sharply, increase the electric bill. Indoor machine: bacteria after long-term use, if there is no clear in time, indoor machine for the backlog a lot of dust in the picture of mesh and heat dissipation, not only the air conditioning wind blow out a lot of peculiar smell, indoor environment also can produce different levels of pollution. Hazard: bacterial growth, air turbidity outdoor parts: risk loose after using for a long time, because the factors, such as by the wind and rain in outdoor outdoor is easy to become loose, etc. , it will indirectly pose a safety hazard.
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