Computer room precision air conditioning non-stop running, the power consumption big? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-12
Unit for computer room air conditioning is an important requirement, continuous operation, computer room air conditioning to continuously running. Non-stop running first need a non-stop air conditioning guarantee system, for air conditioning equipment power supply, the demand is higher, not only need to have a dual mains each other, at the same time for the computer equipment of air conditioning system important to equipped with backup power supply. Long-term steady also need refrigeration and heat source in winter, this phenomenon is particularly prominent in the south, the north if winter need refrigeration, want to consider the condensing pressure of air conditioning unit and related issues, there is a simple method is to increase the cold air outdoor, such doing can achieve energy saving. Because of the centralized management and repair and with the combination of the operation and maintenance personnel can maintain relative stability, it helps to cultivate the worker's dedication and sense of responsibility, overcome temporary concept, improve the level of business technology, transforming the backward management. Refrigeration precision air conditioning equipment repair personnel are not familiar with the characteristics of the pressure, temperature change is big, after overhaul can't commissioning and debugging, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of repair. Precision air conditioning and the comfort air conditioning is one of primary differences: precision air conditioning planning thought is all in order to make the equipment can be in a high quality under the conditions of work, and the comfort air conditioning is just in order to improve people's work and life conditions, precision air conditioning for this request, in air supply methods in addition to sending side back to choose the general air conditioning air arrangement methods, also chose his next time and send you back to the air arrangement method, this method will be precision air conditioning rack above anti-static raised floor, the floor space as supply plenum, based on the principle of static pressure is consistent, increase the supply air uniformity of air flow, this method also allows sent directly by the cool of the precision air conditioning and cooling programmable electronic equipment in the rack. Then return to the top of the air conditioner back to FengKouChu, make it to the energetic cooling of electronic equipment and normal operation play a greater effectiveness.
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